Rab se Hai Dua: Farhaan attacks Mannat from Behind, Zoya helps Husband

Rab se Hai Dua: Kayanat denies to accept Ibadat for Shubaan

Zee TV’s Popular hit show Rab Se Hai Dua  is about to get all the more Dramatic with the interesting twists and turns.

Dua tells Kayanat that she wants to show them something and takes her to the room. She shows them Shubaan and Ibadat which makes Kayanat furious.

Dua tells Kayanat that Shubaan deserves Love and Ibadat is in Love with Shubaan and she can give her that. She asks her to get Ibadat Married to him.

Kayanat gets furious hearing this and lashes out at her. She tells her that she will never accept a Bad Luck like Ibadat into their Lives. Dua requests her.

Kayanat Curses Dua

Ibadat and Shubaan wakes up from their sleep hearing her while they ask Dua to take care of herself instead of going here and there.

Kayanat asks Shuban not to hear anything that Dua says and asks him to go with her but he denies. Dua asks Shubaan to get Married to Ibadat to which he gets shocked.

Dua tells Shuban that she is guilty for ruining his Life by bringing Mannat into his Life and faints while Kayanat wishes for her Death making them Furious.

Mannat follows Farhaan where he meets his Kids and slaps Zoya his Wife. Mannat beats him up and lashes out at Zoya while he attacks her from behind. Zoya helps him.

What will happen next?

What will Mannat do?

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