Rab se Hai Dua: Mannat finds out Farhaan’s Truth, Dua chooses Ibadat for Shubaan

Rab se Hai Dua: Mannat Hates Dua for choosing Ibadat for Shubaan

Zee TV’s Popular hit show Rab Se Hai Dua  is about to get all the more Dramatic with the interesting twists and turns.

Ibadat tells Mannat that Farhaan is not a good man and tells her that he is doing wrong with her. She requests her to come back with them.

Mannat tells the Police officer that her Family is forcing her to get Married to Shubaan and tells him that she doesn’t want to leave Farhaan.

Mannat tells him that she is a Major and she can very well take her Life decisions. The Police supports her.

Dua Curses Mannat

Farhaan tells Mannat that he should file a complain against Ibadat for trying to break them to which Mannat denies while Ibadat lashes out.

Dua comes there and accuses Mannat for hurting their reputation. She lashes out at her and curses her for the worst.

Dua tells Mannat will she will Die without Love and suffer all her Life. She says that she will never be Happy while Farhaan pretends to take care of her.

Mannat sees Jewellery with Farhaan and understand his game plan. She goes back to Ibadat escaping him but hates Dua for fixing Ibadat with Shubaan.

What will happen next?

What will Mannat do?

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