Rab se Hai Dua: Shuban makes a Demand to Marry Ibadat, Revenge Drama to Begin

Rab se Hai Dua: Kayanat brings Shuban’s Alliance for Ibadat, Dua accepts

Rab se Hai Dua: Shuban makes a Demand to Marry Ibadat, Revenge Drama to Begin

Zee TV’s Popular hit show Rab Se Hai Dua  is about to get all the more Dramatic with the interesting twists and turns.

Ravi tells Ibadat and everyone that Mannat has eloped with Farhaan as she is madly in Love with him while Ibadat gets shocked at the Revelation.

Hina denies to accept his words and says that Mannat can never do such a thing and he is just trapping her because for him, Ibadat always comes first.

Ravi tells her that he has brought up Mannat with his hands and he doesn’t even know how to show his face to Haider after what has happened.

Shuban feels Betrayed

Hina calls Ibadat a bad Luck and says that she always snatched everything from Mannat. She says that Ibadat likes Shuban hence she is doing this.

Ibadat tells her that she never wants anything that Mannat wants. She then tells her that she knew what Mannat is upto but she thought she has changed.

Shuban asks Ibadat whether she knew that Mannat is in Love with Farhaan to which Ibadat says that she doesn’t want his Heart to be Broken.

Kayanat slaps Ibadat for defending Dua. She then challenges to get her Son Married in a Month. She later brings Shuban’s Alliance for Ibadat which Dua accepts in Guilty. Shuban made this Demand to Marry Ibadat to Avenge her and betray her like she did with him.

What will happen next?

Will Shuban realise Ibadat’s Innocence?

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