Rabb Se Hai Dua 10th June 2024 Written Update: Dua’s desperate plea

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The episode starts with Subhan returning to Akhthar’s mansion surprising everyone. Gulnaaz didn’t expected it. Kaynaat says to Subhan that they are getting late for the flight. Subhan tells her that he won’t leave Dua alone at this situation. She isn’t well. Kaynaat says that he doesn’t care about his own mother. He says that Dua takes care of everyone here. He can’t leave her in this situation. She is considering him as her first son. He will stay here. He says to Ibadat that she shouldn’t misunderstands that he stayed here for her. He loves Dua a lot. Ibadat goes behind Subhan. Hafeez says to Kaynaat that children grew up. They are taking the decision in their own. He says that they are getting late for the flight. Kaynaat says that she won’t go alone. She will take Subhan along with her. She doesn’t know why is Subhan taking care of others then his own mom. She leaves from there. Hina says to Hameeda that children are back. Gulnaaz disappointed to hear it. Meanwhile, Mannat is following Farhaan. He feels like someone following him. She hides seeing him. He gets a phone call and leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Dua mentioning Mannat’s name in her sleep. Subhan says that she is still thinking about her. Subhan tried to console her. She thank him. She asks him to bring back Mannat. Ibadat and Subhan hands touched each other while cover Dua with the bedsheet. Subhan sits alone. Subhan ignores Ibadat. Ibadat says that mom is very strong. She can’t see her mom in this state. If something happens to her then she will die. Subhan says that she was the reason for her state. Mannat didn’t loved her. She hide the truth from him and Dua. If she revealed the truth about Mannat with him then it wouldn’t have happened. He trusted her a lot. She betrayed him. She isn’t honest to their friendship. If something happens to Dua then she is responsible for it too. Meanwhile, Kaynaat says that Dua is trying to ruin her son life. She curses her. She says that it’s good Subhan didn’t grow up with her daughter. They would have ruined her son life. She curses her. Hafeez asks her why she filled her heart with poison. He asks her to control herself.

Kaynaat complaints that he only cares about his sister. Hafeez says that Dua isn’t well. How could she curses her at this situation. Sufi asks her to stop talking like this with dad. She slaps him with anger. She says that he shouldn’t teach her how to talk with him. Kaynaat argues with Hafeez. She says that Dua and her daughter’s cunning plan made her poison. She asks him to stay away or else she will write his name in her enemy list. Hafeez says that she already did it. She isn’t listening to him. She isn’t respecting him. She is treating him like her slippers. Kaynaat shouts at him. Hina asks them to stop arguing. Dua isn’t well. Why they are fighting here. Kaynaat complaints that they can’t see the way Dua ruining her son life. Hameeda comes there and says that she won’t stay quiet till she take her son life. If she gets happy to see them die. She complaints that her heart is filled with poison. Her anger shouldn’t snatch her son from her. Later, Subhan is sleeping. Ibadat says to him that he misunderstood her. He is anger at her. Mom used to hate her. She starts loving her.

Ibadat says that she believes that he will understand her and became her friend again. His hate will turns to he a friendship again. She sits in the sleeping position. Dua gained her consciousness. She notices Subhan and Ibadat are sleeping. She recalls the way Subhan protected Ibadat. Subhan is sleeping in Ibadat’s lap. Meanwhile, Hina says to Hameeda that Kaynaat is not a bad person. She is in anger. Kaynaat says that she doesn’t care whether Dua is died. Hafeez raised his hand to slap her. Dua stops him. Dua says that she may doesn’t care about her death. She cares for it. She has to do something for her family before she die. Dua asks Hina to give her something. Hina says that she will give everything to her. She is her daughter. Dua says that she may take the decision in a rush. But this is the only way left in her hand. She takes them to her room. They are shocked to see Subhan sleeping in Ibadat’s lap. Kaynaat gets anger seeing them together.

Episode end

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