Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th April 2024 Written Update: Subhan apologized to Ibadat

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The episode starts with Subhan feeling guilty and punched his hand on the wall. His hand starts bleeding. Sufi comes there. He worried about him. He asks him not to punish himself. He tried to apply the oinment on his hand. Subhan refuses to take it. He says that it’s his guilty. He misunderstood Ibadat and scold her. He says that he can’t get rid of this guilty. Sufi hugs him. He says that he thought Mannat is his love. It’s wrong. She didn’t loved him. It was his assumption. He thought Ibadat isn’t trustworthy but she is too good. He treated her badly. Subhan asks him to leave or else he will leave. Sufi asks him where will he go? Subhan says that he didn’t think about it. Where will he go alone at this time. Sufi advises to him and leave. Meanwhile, Mannat feels guilty for Ibadat. She thinks that she failed to listen to Ibadat. She feels ashamed of herself. She thinks that she fell down in front of her mom’s eyes. Everyone is angry with her. She gets angry thinking about Farhaan. She cries out of guilty. Later, Subhan is walking on the road. He recalled the way he lashes out at Ibadat. He insulted her. He questioned her character. He broke his friendship with her. He accused her for Mannat’s state. He felt heartbroken when he recalled Mannat’s confession.

Subhan is about to meet with an accident. Ibadat pulls him close to her. He falls on her. They shared an eye lock. Subhan starts walking. She stops him. She asks him to go back to home with her. He refuses to go with her. She tells him that he isn’t in his consciousness. He will meet with an accident. It’s danger. He asks her why she cares about him. Why she is too good? He hates her for it. He hates this side of her. Ibadat says that he hated her when he misunderstood her. He is hating her even after know the truth. Subhan says that he hates her. Because she is too good. He treated her badly. He couldn’t face her out of guilty. He can’t accept the way she is treating him nicely even after he misbehaved with her. She is too good. Ibadat says that she isn’t a good person. If she is a good person then everyone would have loved her. If she is a good person then her father wouldn’t have died for her. If she is a good person then he wouldn’t have hated her. Only Mannat loved her. She will do anything for her. Subhan says that she saved her sister’s dignity and family reputation.

Subhan complaints that she given importance to every relationship but she couldn’t save her friendship with him. She wasn’t honest with him. Why didn’t she informed him about Farhaan. Ibadat says that she has two reasons to hide it from him. One is Mannat doesn’t understand Farhaan’s true colors. He is a bad person. She wasn’t ready to understand it. Second one, she saw Subhan’s unconditional love for Mannat. If he finds out about Farhaan then he will be heartbroken. She can’t see him like that. She can’t see her friend in a heartbroken state. Because she loves him. He asks her if she love him. She tells him that she love him as her friend. When the truth came out he was heartbroken. Subhan hugs her. She consoles him. She asks him to accept Mannat. He denied it . Ibadat says to him that Mannat heart is pure. She used to trust everyone blindly. Farhaan trapped her in his plan with his sugar coated words. She is innocent. If he thinking that she was going out with him daily at night. Mannat life is a question mark now. He asks her what should he do? She shares something with him.

Later, Armaan dreaming about Mannat. Gulnaaz slaps him. He wakes up. She managed to divert him. Later, Mannat tried to apply the oinment to Ibadat. Ibadat lashes out at her for trusting Farhaan over her. She complaints that Dua faces humiliation because of her mistake. She can’t forgive her for that. Mannat leaves from there in tears.

Episode end

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