Rabb Se Hai Dua 11th June 2024 Written Update: Kaynaat creates a scene

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The episode starts with Dua saying to Hina that she likes to show something to them. They are shocked to see Subhan sleeping in Ibadat’s lap. Kaynaat gets anger and about to wake them up. Dua says that she wanted to talk with them about it. Ibadat loves Subhan. They are aware of it. Subhash considering her as his friend. Their relationship is pure. She likes to perform their wedding. Kaynaat asks her if she lose her sense. She shouts on Dua. Ibadat and Subhan wakes up. She asks Dua why she is standing here. She needs a rest. Subhan asks her to say to him if she needs anything. Dua says that she wanted something else. Subhan loves Mannat. But she brought storm in his life. She asks him to marry Ibadat. Ibadat can make his life happy. She will bring happiness in their life. She says that Ibadat isn’t less then Mannat. Kaynaat asks him not to answer her. He don’t need to answer her. Dua asks Ibadat to accept Subhan. Kaynaat asks Hafeez to stop her. Hafeez asks Dua to control herself.
Dua shouts on them and lose her consciousness. Subhan takes her to the bed.

Two children are playing together. A girl slaps her brother for playing with her toys. Farhaan comes there. Zoya gets happy to see him. Children hugs him and mentioned him as father. Farhaan asks Zoya to remove these children from him. He needs food. He demands her to cook food for him. She says that she just started cooking. Nothing is left in home to cook. She doesn’t know that he is coming. Farhaan slaps him and demand her to cook biriyani for him. He says that he doesn’t know why did he married to her? He mentioned Mannat’s name. Zoya asks him who is Mannat? Mannat comes there and says that she is Mannat. She says that he has two children. He was married and played a love drama with her. Mannat beats him. She says that she went against her family for him. Mannat beats him but the children claps at her. Zoya worries about Farhaan. She pleads with her to leave Farhaan. Mannat says that she lost her family because of him. Zoya says that he is her husband. Mannat says that he is using domestic violence on her. But she is still mentioning him as her husband. He turned her against her sister. His mom cursed her. He stole her jewels from her. He doesn’t deserve a life.

The doctor checks Dua and says to Ibadat that she doesn’t know what’s going on in this house. They shouldn’t share any shocking news to her. If they give stress to her or else she can’t come back to normal. Its dangerous to her life. Kaynaat says that she can’t sacrifice her son life to save her. The doctor says that she isn’t her sister. She is giving a treatment to her. They shouldn’t give any stress to her. Kaynaat says that she doesn’t care about Dua’s death. How could she think about send this unlucky Ibadat to her house. She demands Subhan to leave from here. Subhan says that he won’t leave Dua at this state. Kaynaat says that she is his mom. She carried him for 9 months in her womb. He is supporting Dua now but he will marry Ibadat tomorrow. Dua is pretending to be sick here to trap her son. She can’t raise her daughters well. She wanted to fix Ibadat wedding with Subhan because her another daughter eloped with her boyfriend.

Mannat says to Zoya that he ruined her life. She didn’t listen to them. Zoya asks her to leave him for the sake of her children. Mannat says that she will give a complaint against him. He shouldn’t betray another girl. Farhaan attacks Mannat. She faints there. Later, Kaynaat says that Dua is acting. She wanted to send her unlucky daughter to her house. She won’t allow this to happen. Its better she die now. She asks the god to take all the three of their life. Mannat, Ibadat and Dua are burden to this earth. She curses them. Hafeez says that she is doing too much. She shouldn’t enter into Dua’s room again. If she talks against Dua then he will forget that she is his children mom. Dua considering Subhan as her son. Kaynaat asks Subhan if he ready to go with her or not?

Episode end

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