Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th June 2024 Written Update: Kaynaat slaps Subhan

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The episode starts with Kaynaat saying to Subhan that she is asking him for the last time. If he going to accompany her to London or stay here? Subhan stays silent there. Kaynaat says that she got an answer from him. She leaves from there. Hina fears that she may take a wrong decision in anger. Hameeda asks Hafeez to go and check her. Meanwhile, Gulnaaz making fun of Armaan. He says that he will be the owner of the Haider design. He will rule this house. Gulnaaz says that he is dreaming a lot. Armaan says that Mannat already left the house. Subhan will go to London. He is there to take care of everything. Gulnaaz agrees to his point. Nigar says that they are day dreaming a lot. What did they think? Ibadat will go out of this house and Subhan shifted to London. Dua already fixed Ibadat wedding with Subhan. Gulnaaz gets anxious. She says that Ibadat loves Subhan. She is ready to marry him. Subhan is also a fool. She asks Armaan to do something. Armaan says that he is going to kill Subhan. Gulnaaz asks him not to take any decisions in a rush. She will do something.

Kaynaat breaks the things. She asks them if only Subhan left in this world to marry that unlucky Ibadat. She won’t allow this to happen. Ibadat wishes to convince her. Subhan stops her. He blames Ibadat is the reason for everything. Her lies ruined this family and Dua. If he is aware of Mannat’s relationship with Farhaan then he wouldn’t have think about marry her. Ibadat says that she doesn’t want to break his heart. Subhan says that she couldn’t save his heart. He hates her for her lie. He won’t forgive her for it. Ibadat says that she will accept it. She can’t see her family breaking down. She is used to their hate. She will try her best to stop Kaynaat. Subhan gets angry. Subhan asks Hameeda to take care of Dua. Hafeez trying to convince Kaynaat. Kaynaat shouting at him. She wanted to die. Subhan tried to convince her. She complaints that he needs Dua not her. She carried him in her womb. Hafeez asks her to stop shouting. Kaynaat complaints that everyone can take a decision in his life but not her. Ibadat says that mom just took this topic. She didn’t decided anything yet.

Ibadat asks her to shut up. She is aware of Mannat’s relationship though she betrayed them. She was the reason for everything. Kaynaat demands Subhan to go with her. She threatens him. Subhan asks her why she is threatening him. Gulnaaz and Armaan are happy to see the scene there. Kaynaat stops Hafeez from interrupting them. She demands them not to come between her and son. She demands Subhan to go with her. Subhan denied it. He refuses to go with her leaving Dua in this state. Kaynaat says that he is stubborn. She is also stubborn like him. Kaynaat leaves from there. Hafeez stops Subhan from following her. He says that they shouldn’t stop her. Let her do anything she wants. Ibadat asks Subhan to listen to his mom. She may take any wrong decisions in anger. He refuses to go leaving Dua in this state. Kaynaat says that she will go. She poured kerosene on her. She threatens to kill herself. She lights the match box. She asks Subhan to get ready to do her funeral. She threatens them not to go near her.

Ibadat poured water on Kaynaat and saves her. Subhan hugs her and consoles her. He asks her what will they do if something happens to her. Hafeez says that committing suicide is sin. Kaynaat says that Mannat betrayed her son. Its wrong. They ruined her son life but she is wrong. Ibadat betrayed her son using her friendship it’s also wrong. They are blaming her as wrong. Dua taking advantage of her health to trap her son. She has to die. Dua and her daughters are reason for her death. She can’t see her son struggling. Subhan asks her if death is the solution for this all. Then he will die. He poured the kerosene on him. Armaan and Gulnaaz are happy to see it. Kaynaat slaps Subhan and hugs him. Doesn’t she hurt to see him like this. This is how he felt when she threaten him. He assures her that he will go with her once Dua gets well. Ibadat says that Dua won’t force them to marry. Subhan asks her to stop her lecture. She knew well to break someone’s heart. Dua comes there.

Episode end

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