Rabb Se Hai Dua 13th November 2023 Written Update: Gazal seeks Hina’s help

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The episode starts with Haider saying to Gazal that he won’t behave like her. He wants to save her from punishment. He asks her to sign the divorce papers and leave far from his house. Gazal tells him that she did everything for him. Haider asks her to stop it. Gazal tells him that everyone is lying. She asks him to give her a chance. She can prove to him that they are lying. Haider asks her if she is saying his family is lying. Her truth is out. He asks her to choose whether to go to jail or sign the divorce papers. Gazal thinks that she came to this house after so much struggle. She won’t leave this house. Haider says that she tried to kill Dua and Hameeda. He says that her silence is her answer. Haider tells them that whatever he wants to say, he said. Now it’s their time to do whatever they want. Dadi says that she wants to take revenge for pushing her off of the stairs. Kaynaat says that she wants to take revenge for her trying to abort her child. Ravi says that he wants to take revenge for beating him. Ruhan says that he wants to take revenge for playing a love drama with him. Dua says that she wants to take revenge for ruining her life. Hameeda says that she wants to take revenge for trying to kill her. Gazal recalls her mistakes. Rahat says that she will be punished. Dua touched Gazal’s hand.


Gazal gets scared and enters into Hina’s room. She locked the room in fear. Gazal says to Hina that Dua turned everyone against her. Haider wanted to send her out of the house. She asks her to save her. He wanted to give her a divorce. She says that Dua snatched her Haider from her. She asks her to come back to her senses. Meanwhile, Hameeda says to everyone that they are wasting their time in thinking. Gazal will plan something else. She asks them to kick her out of the house or else she will do something else along with Hina. Haider says that it’s not possible. He wouldn’t allow anyone to plot against his family anymore. He tells her that he doesn’t know how to apologise to her. He said many things to her because of Gazal. He gave so much pain to her. He knew everything had gone out of his hand. He asks her to forgive him. He deserved her anger at him. Hameeda asks him what he wants from her? She gave everything to him, only her soul was left in her body. Haider says that he needs his soul. His heart, love, obsession, his family’s reputation and his everything. “His Dua”. He asks her to return his Dua to her. Everyone gets emotional hearing it.

Haider asks Hameeda why she is silent. She can say anything. She can beat him or punish him. He deserved it all but he needed his Dua back. Dua is not only his wife. She is his obsession and love. He can’t live without her. He asks her not to separate her from him. He will die without her. Hameeda says to him that his tears aren’t affecting her. Because she saw her daughter crying for him daily. She was heartbroken and helpless. She was in that state for him and his family. As a mom, she can’t see her in pain. After this much happened, how will she forgive him? How could he expect her to forgive him? Haider says that he wouldn’t have forgiven him if he was in her place too. Haider asks her to punish him. He knew well it was not his mistake, but a sin. He says that he never hated her. He sends her far from him because it’s his love for her. He wanted to save Dua from Hina and Gazal. That is why he behaved like a stone-hearted person. He asks her not to punish him for that. Hameeda knows well that they were not able to live without each other. He asks her to forgive him. He fell on his feet.

Hameeda holds his ears and warns him that she won’t leave him if he makes her daughter cry again. Haider says that she can do anything for him. Hameeda says that Dua will come to him if she stops her too. She loves him unconditionally. Dua says that he has to apologise to her. Haider says that he will accept her punishment. Dua gets hurt when he talks about death. She scolds him for talking negatively. Dua says that everyone is supporting Haider, not her. She is about to go, he stops her.

Episode end

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