Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th February 2024 Written Update: Haider’s car meet with an accident

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The episode starts with Kaynaat refusing to apologise. Hina slapped her. She lashes out at Kaynaat. She says that she is wrong here. She supported Hina that is why Kaynaat turned out like this. She shouldn’t have supported Gazal. She supported the wrong person. Kaynaat became like her. Dua asks her to calm down. Hina says that she doesn’t know her. She asks her to leave from there. Rahat says to Kaynaat that she is lucky. We are asking her to apologise to her. He asks her to apologise to her. Kaynaat refuses to apologise. Hameeda slaps her and says that she is Hafeez’s love. She would have killed the person if someone is in her place. She is leaving her for this reason. She adds that she became a worst person then Gazal. If her heart turns to stone? Doesn’t her hand hesitated to shoot her. Kaynaat denied it. Dua says that she isn’t regretting her mistake. She will take the decision now.


Dua asks Kaynaat to pack her things and leave from this house. Kaynaat says that it’s her house. Dua says that it was her house but she got married now. Gazal says that it seems she planned to send her out already. Haider wanted to send her out so Dua wish the same. Dua says that she doesn’t know to plot against her. Dua asks her to leave reasoning she doesn’t has a place in her heart. She fell in front of her eyes. Kaynaat says that she lost her place in her heart too. If she is wrong then why did she allowed Gazal to stay in this house? Dua says that she is carrying her baby. She won’t allow Kaynaat to stay in this house. Rahat asks Dua to take a right decision. It’s a blood relation. She shouldn’t break the relationship. Dua says that if Kaynaat stays in this house then her baby won’t be alive. Kaynaat is more dangerous person then Gazal. Gulnaaz asks her to think twice. She is a daughter of this house. Hameeda says that Kaynaat shouldn’t stay in this house. She is also ashamed that Kaynaat is her daughter-in-law. She will take Kaynaat to her house. She says that Dua is doing the right thing. Her baby is safe because she is taking Kaynaat from here.

Gazal is happy to hear it. Rahat says that Hafeez isn’t in house. How could she take Kaynaat along with her. Subhan is also a kid. Hameeda says that she will take them along with them. She asks Kaynaat to pack her things. Haider says that it’s not good to send her in this situation. Kaynaat says that no need to make her understand it. Whatever she did to save this family. She will be the happiest person after she leave from the house. Dua will realise that she took the wrong decision. Gazal will ruin her happiness. She will snatch her family from her. She can assures it that Dua will regret for this decision life long. She curses her and leaves from there. Gazal gets happy to hear it. Dua gets emotional. Gazal thanked Dua for whatever she done to her. She says that she won’t forget the way she saved her baby. She hugs Dua to thank her. Kaynaat says to Dadi that she is leaving. Dadi asks her to take care of Subhan. Kaynaat asks Noor to study well. Hameeda asks Dua to take care of herself. Kaynaat glares at Dua.

Gulnaaz hugs Kaynaat and consoles her. She advises her to take care of Subhan. Rahat and Hina asks her to take care of herself. Hina shares her grief with her. Haider says to Hameeda that there is no need of the driver. He will drop them in their house. Hameeda says that no need of it. He says that it’s his duty. Haider says that as a brother he has to do it. Dua hugs Subhan and cries. Haider consoles her. They leaves from there. The car meets with an accident. Hina learns that everyone died in an accident.

Episode end

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