Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th March 2024 Written Update: Subhan proposed to Mannat

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The episode starts with Subhan walking near Mannat crossing Ibadat. Ibadat feels disappointed. Everyone is anxious there. Subhan insert the ring in Mannat’s hand. Ibadat feels heartbroken. Dua notices Ibadat is crying. Mannat is also sad. Subhan kneels down in front of Mannat. He says to her that he was waiting for this day since childhood. She wanted to know who is in his heart? For whom his heart is beating for? He says that it’s her. Mannat stares Ibadat emotionally. Ibadat gives a fake smile to her. Subhan express his love for Mannat. He proposed Mannat in front of everyone. Hina and Kaynaat are happy. Gulnaaz and Armaan glares at them. Ibadat recalls the way Mannat blushes hearing Subhan’s name. Subhan shares with Mannat how much he is in love with her. Ibadat feels emotional. Kaynaat asks Mannat to accept his proposal. She won’t get another chance like this. Hina says that only lucky girls will get a chance like this. Subhan is a nice person. Subhan says that he is ready to wait for her life long.

Dua says that it won’t happen. Everyone is shocked to hear it. Dua comes there and removed the ring from her hand. She throws it out. She says to Subhan that her daughter won’t marry him. Kaynaat asks her what was her problem with her son? Subhan says that if she has problems with him then why did she given the permission to him? Dua says that she didn’t given any permission to him. Kaynaat fears that she shouldn’t find out it. Subhan says that he send message to her. She says that she didn’t received any message from him. If she saw the message then she would have stopped him. He is her first son. She loved him a lot. Kaynaat interrupts her. Kaynaat says that a man proposing a girl. What was her problem in it. She would have been happy to see Subhan proposed to her daughter. Dua leaves from there. Kaynaat asks Hafeez to see his real face of Dua. He would have understood now why she is hating her this much. She showed her real face to everyone today. She filled her heart with poison. She insulted her son in front of everyone. Hafeez tried to convince her. Kaynaat says that he shouldn’t support her. She broke her son heart. She will pay for it.

Ravi apologized to the guest and send them from there. Gulnaaz says to Armaan that a big problem is over. A new problem created here. Subhan stares Mannat emotionally she leaves from there. Ibadat feels sad for them. Gulnaaz shares her happiness with Armaan. She says that we have to be prepared here. Kaynaat starts breaking the things in anger. Hafeez and Hina stops her. Kaynaat says that she doesn’t know what’s wrong with Dua? Why did she rejected her son? If Mannat is an angel? Hina asks her not to talk about Mannat. Kaynaat scolds Mannat. Hafeez asks her to behave herself. Kaynaat says that he can’t stop her today. His sister showed her real face to them. She insulted her son. She breaks the things in the anger. Kaynaat vented out her anger at them. She is determined to ruin Dua’s life. Meanwhile, Hameeda asks Dua what Subhan did wrong? He proposed Mannat. She used to support love. They are not kids. They are enough matured to handle this. She didn’t do the right thing to Subhan. Dua says that she did the right thing. Hameeda asks her what was her problem with this alliance? Peer baba already predicted this years ago. If she want to prove him again.

Dua says that she wanted her daughter’s happiness. She doesn’t want to see Mannat and Ibadat relationship getting worst like the way hers and Gazal. Hameeda asks her why did she take her name today. Dua says that she was dead 20 years before. But still her story is repeating here. Subhan proposed to Mannat but he doesn’t know someone else loving him. Meanwhile, Ibadat takes the ring. She gives that ring to Subhan. Mannat recalls the way Subhan proposed to her. She thinks that he lost his sense. She thought he is going to propose Ibadat. She may be feeling heartbroken. Her dreams were broken. Dua says to Hameeda that Ibadat loving Subhan not Mannat. Ibadat asks Subhan not to feel heartbroken. She assures him that she will accept his proposal. She will make her understand it. If his love is real then Mannat will accept him. She wipes his tears.

Episode end

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