Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th November 2023 Written Update: Gazal attacks Hina

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The episode starts with Gazal saying to Hina that she has ruined her life. She chose Dua as Haider’s wife. That is why she ruined Dua’s life. She always mentions Gazal as her daughter but she is unaware of her intentions. Dadi found the truth. So she pushed her off of the stairs. But she escaped from it. Dua brought her brother’s alliance for her to save Haider from her. But she framed him as a pervert. She found that too. But she is smart enough to play a love drama with Ruhan. Dua tried to stop her wedding. But she framed her in it. Hina isn’t aware of it all. She is a fool. She informed her that Dua was her enemy. She shared her intentions with her. She helped Ruhan to escape from this house to save him. But it turned out to be a favour for her. Hina hated Dua. She framed Dua in it. She fell into her trap. She starts supporting her. She used that situation to marry Haider. Hina was shocked to hear it. Gazal asks her to praise her for her smart play. She is going to reveal how she blackmailed Haider to marry her. She performed in a suicide drama. She revealed the truth to her. But Hina believed that Dua revealed it to him and hated her.


Gazal says to Hina that Haider was broke. He felt guilty for his mom’s deeds. She forced him to marry her. Hina says that she didn’t understand that she was a monster. Her game is over. She will reveal the truth to everyone. Gazal stops her. She says that she hasn’t been punished for her deeds yet. She didn’t get Haider yet. Hina says that she won’t get Haider ever because he isn’t hers. Gazal strangles her neck and says that he is hers. She already ruined Dua’s life by getting him. She won’t back off from it. Hina says that it won’t happen. Gazal strangles her neck again. She says that she already threw Dua out of this house. She sent Hina to jail but she thought Dua did it. Gazal says that she won’t leave until she gets Haider. Hina shouts Dua’s name. She feels it and informs Haider. Gazal says to Hina that she didn’t kill her because she was the only way to reach Haider. Now she has to die. Hina shouted at her. Gazal takes a flower vase and beats her from behind. Hina collapsed. Dua rushes to Hina’s room. Dadi asks her what happened to her? Haider says that she worries about mom. Dadi says that she won’t understand anything. Hameeda says that she was only like that. Meanwhile, Gazal says to Hina that she thought about killing her when she gets attack. She intentionally didn’t give her inhaler to her. She won’t allow her to live today.

Gazal hears Haider’s voice. She thinks that he is coming to this room. She can’t allow him to see her in this state. She shouldn’t survive. She will reveal the truth to her. She is about to beat her. She hears Haider’s sound and hides her under the bed. She closes her mouth. Dua and Haider notice that Hina isn’t in her room. Haider says that she may be at home. Dua says that Gazal is a dangerous person. She won’t listen to them. She is not ready to understand the truth. Hina thinks that she opened her eyes. She prays to save her. Hina opens the bed a little. Gazal closes it. Dua says let’s search for her in Gazal’s room. Hina thinks that she misunderstood Dua. Gazal put Hina under the bed. Hina says that she will regret it. God won’t leave her for it. Gazal lay on the bed. Hina feels suffocated. Gazal says that she has to go through the same pain as her mom. Today her wish was fulfilled.

Gazal says to Hina that she killed her mom. She snatched her dad and Haider from her. If she agreed to that alliance, then she would have got her Haider. She would have forgiven her. Now she has to go to her mom’s. She is paying for her deeds. Gazal laughs at her. Hina regrets her mistakes. She feels guilty for supporting Gazal and betraying Dua. Hina thinks that she won’t allow anything to happen to her child and family. She pushes to open the bed. Gazal feels it and thinks that she is strong. She closes it tighter. Haider and Dua are searching for Hina. He informs Rahat about it. He says that she may be crying somewhere. Dua says that she isn’t at home and also Gazal. She fears that she has done something to her. Gazal isn’t hearing any sound from Hina. She asks her if she has died? She prays for her soul to rest in peace. She checks the voice recording. Dua shares with everyone that Hina isn’t at home. Rahat says that she won’t leave the house. She may be plotting against them. She will be back to see her children. Dua asks them to search for her. Hameeda thinks that she isn’t searching for her brain. She lost it somewhere. Dua asks them to search for her everywhere. Hameed says that Hina is lucky to get her. After she did this much to Dua, she cares for her. Later, Gazal thinks if she packed her things everything will be alright. She isn’t feeling happy to see her death. She wants to see her struggling. But it was her mistake. Hina comes out of bed surprising Gazal. She says that she won’t die like this.

Episode end

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