Rabb Se Hai Dua 1st June 2024 Written Update: Kaynaat blames Ibadat for Mannat’s disappearance

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The episode starts with a Subhan saying to Dua that he won’t marry without Ibadat. Dua says that Mannat and Ibadat were sisters. Ibadat might attend Mannat’s wedding. She excuses Kathimsa to bring Ibadat. Ibadat fears that Dua will find out the truth. She send a message to Dua. Subhan refuses to marry till Ibadat returns. Kathimsa says that they shouldn’t wait for others. Wedding should take place at a right time. Hina asks him to listen Kathimsa. He started reading the wedding rituals. Ibadat tries to call Ravi. Shubhan gives a nodd to the wedding. Ibadat thinks that it’s Mannat’s turn now. Ravi reached there. She noticed that Mannat isn’t with him. He nodded negatively. Ibadat feels heartbroken. Kathimsa asks Ibadat to say her decision. She stays silent. Everyone asks her to say her decision. Kathimsa says that bride decision is important in a wedding. Ibadat thinks that she can’t spoil Subhan’s life. She will follow her mom’s path. She says that she isn’t ready to marry him. Everyone is shocked to hear it. Ibadat reveals her face to them and says that she isn’t Mannat.

Family members are shocked to see it. Dua asks Ibadat where is Mannat? Ibadat stays quiet there. Kaynaat says that she won’t answer to her. She dragged Ibadat to the centre. Kaynaat asks her why she is wearing bride dress? Doesn’t she know she shouldn’t wear it. Doesn’t she has shame to wear it. She asks her about Mannat. Hina asks her if she did something to her Mannat. Ibadat says that Mannat isn’t in home. They are shocked to hear it. Hina asks her what’s she saying? Where is Mannat? She can’t do like that on her wedding day. Kaynaat says that she may spiked her drinks and hide her somewhere. Definitely she did something to Mannat. She always wanted to stop this wedding. She loved Subhan. She is a wall between Subhan and Mannat. She asks her what have she done to Mannat. Hina says that she is unlucky. She blames Ibadat. Kaynaat says that Ibadat showed her real blood to them.

Kaynaat complaints to Dua that she was proud of Ibadat’s boldness. She says that this is her true colors. She abducted Mannat. Gulnaaz says that everyone is watching them. She worries about Mannat. Where is Mannat? They pressured Ibadat to say the truth. Ibadat says that she didn’t do anything. She thought to see her sister leading a happy life. If its wrong then she is wrong. She thought to see Mannat marrying a best person in the world. If it’s crime them she did a crime. Ibadat says that she didn’t betrayed anyone. Mannat betrayed us. Mannat eloped from her wedding with her boyfriend Farhaan. Hina says that she is lying. Mannat won’t do like that. Ravi says that Ibadat isn’t lying. She is saying the truth. He reveals to Dua that Ibadat tried to stop her a lot. Mannat attacked her and left. He followed her but she didn’t stop at all. Mannat ruined this family name. She ruined her name. She betrayed them. Dua is shocked to hear it. Subhan feels heartbroken. He recalls his moments with Mannat.

Episode end

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