Rabb Se Hai Dua 2nd June 2024 Written Update: Kaynaat slaps Ibadat

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The episode starts with Ravi saying to Dua that Mannat betrayed them and eloped with Farhaan. She doesn’t want to marry Subhan. Dua says that it’s not true. She loses her balance. Ibadat holds her to support her. The relatives are badmouthing on Akhthar’s family. Hina asks them to mind their words. Hina scolds Ravi for lying to them. She says that Mannat won’t do like this. He is lying to them for Ibadat. He likes Ibadat more then Mannat since childhood. Ravi says that he brought up Mannat. Why should he lie about her. He won’t ruin her name. How will he show his face to Haider. Hina says that she will tear his mouth. He shouldn’t mention him as his friend. If he knew the truth first then why didn’t he informed it to them before. He is opening his mouth now. Hina mentioned Ibadat as bad luck. She says that Ibadat tried to snatch everything from Mannat since childhood. She is trying to do the same now. She wanted to marry Subhan and take Mannat’s place. Ravi denied it. Hina asks her to shut up. She didn’t do anything. She wears that bride dress because she wanted to save some time. She believes that he will bring Mannat back to home. He couldn’t bring her back. She ruined their family name. Ibadat says that she don’t want to marry Subhan. He is Mannat’s. She wore this dress to get some time from them. She doesn’t want to see her mom facing humiliation.

Ibadat says that she tried a lot to hide from everyone that Mannat eloped from home. She stopped this wedding. Because she doesn’t want make fun of wedding. She knew well that Subhan’s heart will be broken. Gulnaaz says that nothing will change by saying the truth now. Mannat ruined their family reputation and eloped from home. They didn’t think about Subhan. His heart is broken. Ibadat says to Subhan that she tried a lot stop Mannat. She was mad in love with Farhaan. Subhan says that he will listen to her but he needs her answer. If she know that Mannat is in contact with Farhaan. Ibadat nodded to him. He shouts on her. He complaints that she didn’t inform him anything. He was wearing this groom dress in front of them. Today is his wedding. This is her friendship to him. She betrayed him as a friend. Ibadat says that she did everything for them. Subhan says that she did everything for Mannat. She wanted to be a good sister and daughter. She isn’t a good friend of him. Everyone is making fun of him. She is the reason for it. She insulted him.

Ibadat says that Mannat proposed him in front of everyone. Subhan says that it was fake. Ibadat says that she promised to her that she cuts all her ties with him. She believed her. She betrayed her too. She doesn’t want to suspect her. Subhan says that she betrayed him. Because of her his love and friendship died. Neither Mannat is his nor Ibadat’s friendship. Both Mannat and Ibadat are dead for him. He cuts all his ties with Ibadat and leaves from there. Ibadat tries to follow him behind. Kaynaat stops her. She demands her to stay away from her son. She sends Sufi to consoles him. Gulnaaz provoked Kaynat against Ibadat. She asks her why didn’t she informed the family members about it. Who will marry Nigar after this much happened. Wr can’t show our face to anyone. Gulnaaz creates a scene there. Kaynaat asks them who is responsible for this? Her son heart is broken. Hameeda tried to convince her. She asks her to shut up. Kaynaat confronts Dua in anger. She was proud of her upbringing of her daughter. This is how she taught to her daughters. Kaynaat badmouthing on her daughters. Ibadat asks her not to talk like that with her mom. Kaynaat slaps Ibadat. Dua feels heartbroken seeing it. Kaynaat lashes out at Ibadat. Kaynaat confronts Hina in anger. Hina is helpless to answer her. Kaynaat asks justice for her son. Mannat ruined this family reputation. She makes fun of their family reputation. She already ruined everything when Mannat met Farhaan at night in his farm house. Kaynaat says that she won’t leave anyone. Whoever hurt her son she will take revenge on everyone. She will fix her son wedding within a month.

Episode end

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