Rabb Se Hai Dua 30th May 2024 Written Update: Ravi assures to help Ibadat

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The episode starts with Ravi noticing Ibadat sitting on the road. He asks her what happened? She informs him that Mannat eloped from the house. She tried to stop her a lot but she attacked her. She went with that Farhaan. Ravi says that he arranged a tight security there. Ibadat narrated to him everything. He says that they shouldn’t have trusted Mannat. Ibadat asks him what will she answer to Dua and family members. She says that Mannat ruined their family reputation. She didn’t think about mom and their family. Ibadat says that we have to stop Mannat and take her back to home. Subhan is waiting for her. Let’s search for Mannat. Ravi asks her to go back to home. He will bring Mannat back to home. Ibadat denied it and stays adamant to go with him. He asks her to manage the situation in home. He will bring back Mannat. Meanwhile, Hameeda and Dua are welcoming the guest. Kaynaat disliked to see Parveen and her husband attend the wedding. Hina says that he is their relative. She shouldn’t show her hatred towards them. Parveen greets them. She makes fun of Hina . Her husband says that she looks fat. But her face remains same. Gulnaaz laugh hearing it.

Dua welcomes the grandmother. She greets everyone. They are asking for Mannat there. Ibadat returns to home. She thinks that the guest came. How will she manage the situation there? Dua notices Ibadat. She asks her what happened to her? Ibadat lies to her that she fell in the garden. Dua says that she was getting ready in her room then why did she go to the garden? Ibadat lies to her that she went to check the food. Dua says that guest arrived. She asks her to get ready asap and bring Mannat down. Ibadat nodded to her and goes to her room. Ibadat feels heartbroken. She thinks that Mannat didn’t do the right thing. She didn’t think about mom and family members. She betrayed them. She won’t forgive her for it. She calls Ravi. He said that he is following Mannat. He will bring her back. He asks her to handle the situation in home. Ibadat says that she can’t manage the situation more. She pleads with him to bring her back asap. Hina welcomes the guest. She asks Sufi to bring Subhan. She send Dua to bring Mannat. Dua knocks on the door. Ibadat says to her that Mannat is getting ready. She needs 5 more minutes to get ready. Dua asks her that get ready asap.

Meanwhile, Ravi is following the truck. Mannat asks the driver to drive faster. Sufi brings Subhan to the stage. They takes evil eyes from him. Hina asks Dua to bring Mannat asap. She said that Ibadat is helping her. Hina says that she don’t trust her. Dua asks her not to create a problem today. Dua knocks on the door. She asks Ibadat to open the door. Ibadat lies to her that she is taking evil eyes from Mannat. Dua tells her that she will take it. She demands her to open the door. She opens the door. She praised her beauty. Ibadat is wearing the bride dress. Dua says that she don’t need to wear a long veil. Ibadat fears to get catch. Hameeda comes there and says that Ibadat stopped her from meeting Subhan. She won’t show her face to anyone till the wedding is over. Dua says that Ibadat is missing. Hameeda complaints that Mannat took time to get ready. Ibadat is also getting ready. She asks Ibadat to bring Mannat down asap. Dua asks her why she isn’t talking. Hameeda takes her from there. Ibadat closed the door. She thinks that she won’t forgive Mannat for it. She won’t allow her mom to bend her head down in front of anyone.

Episode end

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