Rabb Se Hai Dua 30th November Written Update: Dua saves Hina

Rabb Se Hai Dua 30th November 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Gazal turns off Hina’s oxygen cylinder. She says good bye to Hina. Dua reaches to the hospital. She asks Ravi to park the car and rushes inside. Dua collides with the nurse. She notices Akhthar’s family members are sleeping. Dua feels suspicious. Gazal asks Hina to struggle a lot to breathe. Her mom soul will be happy to see her state. She will take revenge for her death. Dua tries to wake up everyone there. Eihchaaz says to Gazal that Hina is fighting for her life. Let’s leave. Gazal says that she wants to see Hina’s death. She will get peace seeing it. Dua thinks that everyone can’t sleep at same time. Gazal isn’t nowhere to shown. Gazal says to Eihchaaz that she will leave after Hina died. Eihchaaz says that he is leaving. He notices Dua there. He thinks to alert Gazal. But he thinks that Gazal won’t listen to them if she informed her about it. Dua splashes water on everyone’s face to wake them. Dua thinks that they needs time to get back to their consciousness. She thinks to stop Gazal from harming Gazal. Dua noticed Hina is struggling to breath.

Gazal hides under the bed. Dua shouts for help. Gazal thinks that Hina will die at any cost. Dua thinks that she wears oxygen mask. She doubts the oxygen cylinder is closed. Dua saves Hina. Gazal thinks that she saved her again. Dua thinks that she alerted Ruhan them how did her oxygen cylinder closed. Gazal did it all. She promised not to leave her. Dua recalls the way Gazal hidden Hina under the bed before. She checks under the bed. She finds Gazal hiding under the bed. Gazal says that she was searching for her earrings. She says that it was on her ear. Dua asks her not to lie. She already found the evidence against her. Today she will go to jail. No one is able to save her. She made everyone faint there and tried to kill Hina. Gazal says that she can’t do anything to her. She can inform everyone that she created those evidence against her. Even she has an evidence against her. Hina said in it that she provoked her to die. Dua says that she won’t leave her today.

Gazal shouts for help. The doctor comes there. Gazal framed Dua there and says that she tried to kill Hina by closing oxygen cylinder. The doctor asks them to get out of ICU. Dua warns her not try to escape from there. Ravi and Hafeez brings Eihchaaz there. He says that he tried to escape they caught him. If everything alright here? Dua says that everything happened as they fear. Gazal tried to kill Hina again. Haider gained his consciousness. He says to her that he feels sleepy. She says to him that everyone lose their consciousness. Gazal spiked their drinks. She narrates to them what happened inside the ICU. Haider worries about Hina. Dua says that she tried to kill Hina but she saved her at the right time. She spiked their drinks to do it. Dua says that they can’t sleep at the same time. Dua asks them if they eat or drink anything after she leaves. Haider says that Gulnaaz asked them to drink tea. Gulnaaz promises her that she is innocent. Dua says that Gazal did it.

Gazal says that Ruhan brought this tea. He may tried to kill Hina. Dua asks her to stop it. He doesn’t like Hina supporting her so he wanted to kill her. Ruhan argues with her. Dua asks him to calm down. She is trying to turn the situation against them. She says that Gazal trying to frame them as a culprit. If they try to kill her she has to say when they did it. She just reached here from out. Ruhan was unconscious in front of them. Gazal made them unconscious and sneaked inside to kill Hina. When she came there Gazal hide under the bed. She caught her red-handed. Gazal asks her to stop framing her. Dua asks her why she is wearing the nurse uniform? Gazal says that they won’t allow her to meet Hina. That is why she wore it. She tries to manipulate the doctor. He says that he didn’t notice who tried to close the oxygen cylinder. But Gazal stole their uniform it’s wrong. He is calling the police for it. Everyone asks him to do it. Gazal is shocked.

Episode end

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