Rabb Se Hai Dua 31st May 2024 Written Update: Mannat attacks Ravi

Rabb Se Hai Dua 31st May 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with the relatives are excited to see Mannat. Parveen asks Dua if something happens in this wedding like as usual. She indirectly means that some drama will definitely happens in their family function. Hina asks Dua to give the gift to Kaynaat from bride’s side. Dua gives the gift to Kaynaat. Gulnaaz thinks that she is going to get it because Mannat will marry Armaan not Subhan. Kaynaat drops the gifts down and shouts. Dua scolds her for it. Kaynaat says that lizard is in it. Hina complaints that she arranged the gift along with Dua. Kaynaat shows the lizard to them. Kaynaat asks them if God is showing some signals to them. It’s a bad omen. Hameeda asks her not to think negatively. Kaynaat says that it’s not the first time. She really worried about this wedding. She fears the worst. First time Ravi dropped the gift. This time it fell down from her hand. She is anxious. Subhan says that today is his wedding. He pleads with her not to create a scene there. Kaynaat shows her concern on him. Subhan says that he doesn’t believe in it all. Meanwhile, Ibadat worries about Mannat. She calls Ravi and learns that he couldn’t reach Mannat yet. Ibadat pleads with him to bring back Mannat asap. He nodded to her.

Meanwhile, Subhan is sitting in the stage. Relatives are asking about Mannat. Hina says that bride is getting ready. Kathimsa says that bride should reach here on time. Dua says that they are still behaving like a kid. She calls Ibadat. She demands her to bring Mannat down asap. Ibadat lies to her that Mannat dress hook is broken. She is fixing it. She will take her down within 5 minutes. Dua warns her that she will come there if she don’t bring her on time. Ibadat feels heartbroken. Meanwhile, Ravi blocked the truck. He beats the driver. He threatens to send him to the jail for kidnapping. Mannat runs from there. Ravi stops her. He dragged her to the car. Mannat asks him to leave her hand. Ravi scolds her for eloped from home without thinking about her mom and family. She ruined their family reputation. Mannat refuses to go with him. Ravi says that Subhan is waiting for her. Relatives reached to home. She is wasting their time. Mannat says that she loves Farhaan she won’t return to home. She can’t marry Subhan.

Ravi says that she shouldn’t have agreed to marry Subhan if she don’t like him. Ravi says that Farhaan isn’t deserving her. He is a goon. Ravi says that he won’t allow her to humiliate Dua. He can’t break the promise to Ibadat. Ibadat calls him. He informs her that he found Mannat. She pleads with him to bring her back home. She shouldn’t escaped from him. He nodded to her. Mannat says he shouldn’t try to become her father. He is not her real chachu. Ravi says that he can’t believe she is same child. He brought up her. He taught her to walk. He promised to her father that he will take care of them. Mannat refuses to go back. He pushed her inside the car. She attacks him and escapes from there. Dua is about to leave. Ibadat comes down wearing the ghunghat. They praised her. Kaynaat demands her to remove the ghunghat. Dua says that she won’t remove it till the wedding is over. Ibadat waits for Mannat. Dua asks them to start the rituals. Subhan stops it and ask them where is Ibadat. Dua excuses them to bring her there. Ibadat fears that she will get catch.

Episode end.

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