Rabb Se Hai Dua 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Dua’s shocking decision

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The episode starts with Kaynaat saying to Dua that her daughters broke Subhan’s heart. She will fix Subhan’s wedding within a month. She will choose a better bride for him. She adds that Mannat ruined her reputation. She was proud of her upbringing. She insulted her mom in front of everyone. She not only hurted her but also her son. She won’t lead a happy life. She will struggle a lot in her life for betraying him. She cursed Dua and her daughters. Kaynaat whisper to Dua that she would likes to take her sautan name here. Her daughters did the same to her. She deserved this all for not raising her daughter properly. She will make sure that they are paying for their deeds. She curses them and leaves. Parveen badmouthing on them. She asks her what will happen to other children in this house. She has think about their future. The relatives insults Dua and leaves from there. Dua asks Hameeda what’s going on here? Hameeda says that she don’t know either. Gulnaaz scolds them and leaves.

Later, Ibadat apologize to Dua. She tells her, it was her mistake. She can’t stop Mannat. Dua says that she don’t need to take the blame on her. She swears on Haider and says that she has only one daughter from this moment. Only Ibadat is her daughter. Mannat is died for her. Ibadat asks her not to say like that. Dua asks her not to take her name in this house. She hugs her. Mannat hugs Farhaan. He says that he was waiting for her. Let’s lead a happy life together. He asks her if she brings the jewels. She tells him that it’s in her bag. Later, Ibadat cries seeing her dad picture. She shares her grief with him. She complaints to him that Mannat did a mistake. But mom wouldn’t punish her like this. She worried about Mannat’s safety. Subhan is burning Mannat’s photo. He says that she is dead for him. She broke his heart. He lose the faith in love. Meanwhile, Mannat makes faces seeing the place. She says to Farhaan this place is smelling. She can’t stay in this place. Even her servent won’t stay here. How could he choose a place like this for her. Farhaan thinks that it’s better to kill her and steals the jewels from her. He takes the knife to attack her.

Subhan burning the picture. He gets angry and breaks the things. Ibadat stops him. He asks her to stay far from him. She was the reason for his state. She lied to him. If she revealed to him that Mannat doesn’t love him then he wouldn’t have faced this heartbroken moment. She betrayed him. Ibadat didn’t fulfill her duty as a friend. She isn’t a good friend of him. She always tried to protect her sister. Ibadat says that she did everything for their happiness. Subhan shouts on her and leaves. Ibadat feels heartbroken. She thinks that she won’t forgive Mannat for it. She gave the pain to Subhan. Meanwhile, Mannat asks Farhaan why he is holding the knife. He threatens to slit his wrist. He complaints that she wanted to go to abroad. She can’t live in such place. But she forgot that her family filed an complaint against him. He can’t fly to abroad. He brought her here for their safety. She isn’t understanding anything. Mannat apologized to him. She assures him that she can live here for few days and shift to a better place. She can manage to clean the place. Armaan called him. He excuses her. Armaan demands Farhaan to leave Mannat. He will give the money to him. Mannat asks him if Armaan is in line. He says that he would like to meet him. He has to take a risk to meet him. Later, Subhan takes his guitar and mask in his hand. Ibadat asks him about it. He tells her that he is going to reveal a truth to everyone. He ignores Ibadat and leaves.

Episode end

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