Rabb Se Hai Dua 4th June 2024 Written Update: Mannat slaps Armaan

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The episode starts with Kaynaat sharing her grief with Hina. She takes the blame on her. She says that she ruined her son life. Mannat betrayed her son. Even after she learnt about Mannat’s love for Farhaan she fixed Subhan’s wedding with Mannat. She fails to see her true colors. Subhan says that everything happened because of him. It’s all his mistake. Ibadat comes behind him. Sufi tried to stop him. Subhan placed the guitar on Hafeez’s feet. Hafeez asks him what’s it all? Subhan says that he was hiding this from him these many days. It’s time to reveal the truth to him. This lie ruined his life. He thought that he is a goof person but he wasn’t like this. He hates to hear song. Everyone likes to hear the voice of Secret super star. He is that secret super star. He hide it from him because he was against it. He apologized to him. Hafeez recalls that incident. Ibadat thinks that Subhan is is the secrets super star. Mannat is mad in love with his song. Hafeez leaves from there. Nigar gets excited. She says to Gulnaaz that she can’t believe that he is the secret super star. She asks him if he is famous. She needs his autograph. Kaynaat asks her to be in her limit. Kaynaat says to him that they thought he is a real Muslim man. But he hide this truth from them.

Kaynaat says that he is getting punished for this. His Mannat left him for this sin. Ibadat says that everyone won’t get this talent. God gifted this talent to him. She shouldn’t blame him for it. Subhan asks her to stop it. Who she is to interfere his mom. She is no one to come between them. She don’t need to give a lecture to him. He failed to listen to his mom. If he listens to his mom and never loved Mannat then everything would have been right. She is right. He says that Mannat is a betrayer. Ibadat is a betrayer too. He assures her that he won’t sing again. No one will listen to his song anymore. Sufi tried to stop him. He breaks the guitar in anger. Kaynaat worries for her son. Subhan feels heartbroken. Hameeda stops Ibadat from going near him. Kaynaat hugs Subhan and cries. She says that he didn’t do anything wrong. Everything will be alright. Kaynaat asks Dua to come down and see her son’s state. Her unlucky daughter ruined her son life.

Meanwhile, Mannat is cleaning the room. Ibadat recalls the way Subhan breaks down in front of them. She feels bad for him. Ibadat ask Ravi if he finds out anything about Mannat. He nodded to her. She says to him let’s bring her back. Dua stops Ibadat. She says that she shouldn’t take her name in this house. This house door is closed for her forever. Ibadat says that she is in danger. Dua says that she took this decision. She is died for her. Ibadat says that she can’t forgive herself if something happens to her. Dua says that she has only one daughter. She says to Ravi that he can’t change her mind. She won’t accept Mannat back. If he try to find Mannat then he will see her death. Dua asks them to forget Mannat. Ibadat thinks that mom hates Mannat now. Ibadat has a nightmare about Mannat. She realised that it’s just a dream. She feels like Mannat is in danger. Ibadat pleads with Ravi to help her find Mannat. Mannat is in danger. Let’s find her. Ravi refuses to help her reasoning he promised to Dua that he won’t help Mannat. We can’t help her. Ibadat says that she isn’t safe outside. Ravi asks her to forget Mannat. He can’t break the promise. Later, Farhaan pretends like he got hurt. He lies to Mannat that Armaan tried to kill him. He changed his mind. He was pretending to help her. Mannat thinks that all are betrayer. Ibadat betrayed her too. Later, Ravi advises to Ibadat. He says that Mannat ruined this family peace. He doesn’t care whether Mannat is safe or not. She is responsible for everything. Ibadat worrying about Mannat. But Mannat doesn’t care about anyone. He asks her to forget her. Armaan is dreaming about marrying Mannat. He thinks that he will get the property after he married to Mannat. Mannat slaps Armaan. Later, Ibadat thinks that Subhan is able to help her. He scolds her for calling him. Ibadat pleads with him to help her.

Episode end

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