Rabb Se Hai Dua 5th June 2024 Written Update: Subhan agrees to help Ibadat

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The episode starts with Ibadat requesting Subhan to help her. Subhan warns her not to mention his name again. He doesn’t want to talk with her. Ibadat says that she needs his help. He closed the door but her hands stuck between it. Subhan gives first aid to her. He notices that Ibadat is staring him. Ibadat says to him that this would will heal asap. She broke his heart. Mannat life is in danger. We have to save her. Subhan says to her that she broke his heart. How will he save her life. Ibadat says that she did an unforgivable mistake. But how could he see her in danger. Won’t he save Sufi if he was in this state? Subhan asks her not to compare Sufi with Mannat. He isn’t like Mannat. Mannat humiliated everyone and eloped from this house with her boyfriend. Ibadat pleads with him to help her. Subhan refuses to help her. Whatever Mannat is going through. She deserved it all. He closed the door. She pleads with him.

Mannat slaps Armaan. She complaints that he betrayed her. How could he attack Farhaan. Armaan asks her what have he done? She says that he attacked Farhaan. He swears on Gulnaaz that he didn’t do anything. Mannat says that he is swearing on his dadi. She shows the video to Armaan. Armaan thinks that he double crossed him in it. Mannat complaints that he is a lier. Armaan says that Farhaan is cheating them. He recorded this video to create a bad impression on him. He adds that he wants to see him going far from her. Mannat refuses to believe him. Armaan says that he won’t allow her to stay with Farhaan. He is a fraud. Farhaan comes there and send Mannat from there. Farhaan and his goons surrounded Armaan and attacks him. Armaan says that he won’t leave him. Meanwhile, Mannat hides the jewels inside the pillow. She thinks that she has to hide this jewels until everything is alright. Farhaan comes there. Mannat asks him if he alright? Farhaan recalls the way he hurted himself and blamed Armaan for it. Mannat says that she is hungry. She will order the food. Farhaan asks her to cook it by herself. They will get caught if she ordered something from out.

Mannat says that she will cook for him. He asks her to cook something simple. We have to save the money. Later, Armaan calls Ibadat. She asks him what’s the matter? Armaan says that Mannat is in danger. Farhaan is trying to sell her. Ibadat asks him how did he learnt about it. He recalls the way the goons informed him about it. Armaan lies to her that he used his friends to inquire about it. He doesn’t know what to do? They will sell her to someone. Ibadat says that she won’t allow it. Dua stops Ibadat. She says that she shouldn’t help her. Ibadat says that Mannat life is in danger. Dua asks her how could she trust him without an evidence. She is innocent but she shouldn’t trust everyone. Hameeda says that she is right. He didn’t inform anyone that he is loving Mannat. Hameeda lashes out at him. Gulnaaz argues with her. Hameeda warns her and try to kick him out of the house reasoning he is a lier. Ibadat says to Hina that Armaan informed her that Farhaan gonna sell Mannat. She worries about her.

Sufi says that they don’t have enough time. We have to inform the police. Ibadat asks Dua to help her. Dua shows her pictures to her. She is enjoying her days with Farhaan. Ibadat asks her what if it’s a fake picture. Kaynaat says that no one should help her. Dua refuses to help her. Ibadat loses her cool. She asks them what if it’s true. Mannat is in danger. She pleads with them to help her. They refuses to help her. Subhan says that he will help her.

Episode end

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