Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th June 2024 Written Update: Ibadat attempts to convince Mannat

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The episode starts with Ibadat asking the family members to help her. Subhan says that he will help her to save Mannat. Kaynaat asks him why he is trying to save Mannat? She broke his heart and eloped with Farhaan. Subhan says that he is aware that she broke his heart but he will save her. She is a girl. He won’t allow anything happen to her. He will support her. He doesn’t want to see the family members are worrying for her. Ibadat asks Armaan to take them near Mannat. Later, Farhaan fix the deal with a sheik. He demands him to give 1 crore to him. He complaints that he is demanding extra money to him. Farhaan says that she is worth for that money. She is a traditional girl. He assures him to give the money to him. He asks him to take care of her. Later, Mannat is struggling to cook. She fears that Farhaan shouldn’t complaint about her cooking. Someone knocked on the door. She is shocked to see Ibadat there.

Ibadat asks Mannat if she alright? Subhan searching for Farhaan. Ibadat shares her grief with her. She asks her to go back with her. He brought her to this dirty house. Mannat says that she won’t return to that house. Her farhaan is with her. Ibadat says that she doesn’t know anything about that fraud. Mannat asks her what have he done to mention him as a fraud? Ibadat says that he is trying to sell her. He finished the deal. Mannat is shocked to hear it. Ibadat says that she won’t allow anything happens to her. Mannat says that she won’t hear anything against Farhaan. She was trying to separate her from Farhaan. She asks her to leave or else she will regret. Armaan says that she will regret for it. He says that whatever Ibadat said to her is truth. Mannat asks him if he joined with them. She never saw such a cheap person like him. Armaan asks her to go with them. Its dangerous to stay there. Mannat says that she won’t go with them. She came here with her knowledge. No one can force her. She demands them to leave. Later, Nigar complaints to Gulnaaz that Mannat betrayed her. Gulnaaz says that she fooled herself. She cares for her little. She might be pay for her deeds. She chose a wrong person.

Farhaan praising Mannat’s beauty in front of the sheik. Farhaan says that they will definitely like Mannat. He noticed Ibadat there. He stops the sheik. He says that they can’t meet her today. They warns him that they won’t leave him if he cheated him. One of the sheik says that he won’t betray them. If he dare to double cross them then he will end his life. Farhaan asks him to leave. Later, Kaynaat gives the passport to Hafeez. She asks him to book the return ticket to them. Why didn’t he thinks about it. Subhan heart was broken. He went to save Mannat. He shouldn’t fall in love with her again. She shouldn’t disturb him. She wanted to leave from here before it. Hafeez tried to convince her. Kaynaat says that their enemy is here. He is not understanding anything. If Mannat wedding wasn’t fixed then she would have slapped Dua. Hafeez asks her to give respect to his sister. Kaynaat lashes out at him. She demands him to book their ticket asap. Mannat refuses to go with them. Subhan tried to hold her. He says that he won’t touch her or like to meet her. But he came here for Ibadat. Farhaan comes there. Ibadat scolds him. The police arrived there. He asks Mannat to give a statement.

Episode end

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