Rabb Se Hai Dua 7th March 2024 Written Update: Ibadat smells something fishy

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The episode starts with Dua saying to Kaynaat that she will apologize to her if she isn’t satisfied with Hameeda’s apology. Subhan stops Dua. Dua says that she may get disappointed. Subhan says that she taught her that if someone feeling guilty then no need to apologise. Subhan says to Kaynaat that she came back to India to stay with her family. Why she is trying to break her ties with them. Kaynaat says that she didn’t talked about it but Hameeda. Subhan convinced her. Dua appreciates her for raised her son in a well manners. She listened to her son. Hameeda asks her to stay here. She prayed a lot for her return. Subhan convinced her to stay there. Everyone gets happy when she agreed to stay for him. Kaynaat says that no one make fun of her. She don’t like jokes. She is staying here for her son. She is respecting her son a lot. She loves him a lot. Mannat says to ibadat that he is nice. Ibadat appreciates him. Mannat says that he clean bowled everyone here. Subhan thanked her. Mannat hugs Kaynaat and tells her she did good thing by staying here.

It’s a best birthday gift for her. Kaynaat wishes for her birthday. Mannat says that today is Ibadat birthday too. She asks her to bless her. Kaynaat congratulated her. Ibadat says that she will place her bag in room. She stops her and says that Sufi will place it. Sufi asks her why should he work here? Kaynaat asks him to do what she says? Subhan holds the bad and understands that bag is empty. Sufi says to his mom that he find out the truth. Kaynaat says to Hina that she is tired so she is going to take a rest. Armaan says that he will help him. Subhan stops him and leaves. Meanwhile, Mannat says to ibadat that something is going on here. Kaynaat created a scene here. Now one more drama queen includes in Hina and Hameeda’s line. She is going to see many drama here. She notices Ibadat is disappointed. She asks her if she hiding anything from her? If she start hiding things from her. Ibadat says that she doesn’t want to share it with herself too. Mannat asks her what’s bothering her? She is crying? Ibadat says that Hina hates her. Gulnaaz is also staying away from her. Dua isn’t showing her love to her. May be she did something to hurt them.

Kaynaat returns to India now. She is also keeping distance from her. Something is there. Mannat says that it’s not like that. Kaynaat has problems with everyone in this house. Ibadat says that it’s different. She thinks they are considering her as the responsibility of her father. Mannat says that they are dumb then. She can understand that Haider died while saving her. Hina lost her son, Kaynaat lost her brother and Dua lost her husband. They loved him a lot. But they lost their father. It’s the biggest reason. She is also thinking the same. Ibadat says that it seems something else was Kaynaat’s problem. If they are hiding it from them? Meanwhile, Dua asks Hameeda what’s Kaynaat need? If she behave like this then Ibadat will find out the truth. Hameeda says that the truth is Haider died while saving Ibadat. She lost her brother. She is angry with her for it. Gazal did a lot to them. Dua asks her not to bring that name in this house.

Subhan asks Kaynaat why did she played this drama to leave the house? This bag is empty. She has some problems with Dua. God will punish her if she trouble her. Subhan says that they did business well because of her. Kaynaat gets angry. Subhan says that Hafeez loves his sister a lot though he stayed far from her because of Kaynaat anger. Even he was away from his Dua’s mom. Kaynaat complaints that he is blaming her. Subhan says that she didn’t bring gift for Ibadat and talked with her. She taught him to love everyone. He respects everyone. Kaynaat says that this family was ruined because of Dua. He is respecting her. He wanted to learn why she is hating unlucky Ibadat and Dua. They don’t deserve love. Ibadat shares her grief with Mannat. Kaynaat shares the truth with Subhan. Dua was the reason she lived in London. Ibadat says to Mannat that there is some reason that is why everyone hating her. They are considering her as Father’s death but why she is hating Dua for it. She is determined to find it.

Episode end

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