Rabb Se Hai Dua 8th June 2024 Written Update: Dua gets heart attack

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The episode starts with Mannat staring Farhaan in a suspicious way. He asks her why she is looking at him in this way? Mannat says that he didn’t see the jewels then how did this ring came to his pocket? Farhaan lies to her that he took this from that set. Its looks beautiful. Mannat says that she is doubting him. She adds that she doesn’t have anyone in this world then him. She asks him about their wedding. He takes their selfie. Mannat feels like he is hiding something from them. Meanwhile, Hina waiting for Mannat. Dua returns to home. Everyone is expecting Mannat there. Hina asks Dua about Mannat. She searched for her. Dua asks her to forget Mannat. She won’t return to home. Ibadat says to her that Dua tried to convince Mannat a lot. But she didn’t accompany them. She wanted to stay with Farhaan. She even called the police there. Kaynaat says that she is aware that Mannat will do this to them. Hina asks her where is she going? Kaynaat says that they are going back to London. She won’t forget the way they treated them. Hina asks her if she leave her mom alone here? How could she take her grandson from here. She stops her from leaving.

Kaynaat says that she won’t allow her son to stay here. He is heartbroken. Mannat ruined everything. She gave lots of pain to her son. She did everything for her son happiness. Mannat called the police today. She can send her son to the jail tomorrow. Hina asks Dua to stop them. Dua asks her how will she stop them? She can’t face them. Mannat did an unforgivable mistake. She won’t return to this house. She stoops low today. She is ashamed to give birth to her. Its better Kaynaat and Subhan going back to London. They can forget this bad experience at least. Subhan says that she is right. He hugged her. Kaynaat says that she was excited to meet her family. She thought to lead a happy life with them. But she never thought something happens like this. She says that she will miss her mom a lot. She is going from this place because she needs her son happiness. She asks her to take care of herself. Hafeez says to Hameeda that he would like to take her along with him.

Hafeez says that Dua taking care of her well. He hugs her. Hafeez asks Dua to take care of herself. She says to him that he might pray to the god that no one will get a daughter like Mannat in their life. She blessed him. Subhan hugs Dua and asks her to take care of herself. Gulnaaz feels happy to see them leaving. Gulnaaz pretends like feeling sad. Kaynaat hugs her for a formality. Subhan stares at Ibadat. She gets emotional. Kaynaat and Dua notices it. She asks Subhan to leave. Ibadat cries in silent. She feels heartbroken and recalls her moments with Subhan. Subhan recalls his moments with Mannat. Dua feels uncomfortable and faints there. Ibadat rushes to help her. Subhan carried her to her room. Hina asks Hafeez to call the doctor asap. Kaynaat thinks that Dua shouldn’t stop them from going to the London. Later, Farhaan is tasting Mannat’s handmade food. He praised it. Mannat thinks how did the ring was in his pocket. Mannat thinks that she won’t leave him alive if she finds out that he is a fraud.

The doctor is checking Dua. Ibadat asks her what happened to her mom? Why she isn’t opening her eyes. The doctor says that she got heart attack. Its a minor attack. Gulnaaz feels like she will be happy if she died. The doctor asks them to take her to the hospital if any emergency. The doctor asks them not to share any shocking news in front of Dua. It will be danger to her life. Ibadat hugs Hameeda and cries. Hameeda consoles her. Ibadat says that Mannat is the reason for everything. She forgave her mistakes not anymore. She doesn’t care about her anymore.

Episode end

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