Rabb Se Hai Dua 9th June 2024 Written Update: Subhan decideds to stay in Akhthar’s mansion

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The episode starts with Ibadat saying that she forgave Mannat’s mistakes. She won’t forgive her anymore. She doesn’t care about her anymore. The doctor asks them to take care of Dua and leaves. Ibadat caressed her hair. She says that she won’t allow anything happens to her. Hameeda consoles her that she needs rest. Nothing will happen to her. She asks everyone that go out she needs a rest. She assures Ibadat that she will be alright. Later, Mannat pretending to be sleep. Farhaan puts his hand around her. She stops him. He says that we are going to get married. She left everything for him. He asks her to allow him to touch her now. Mannat says that he will get his rights after their wedding. She asks him not to irritate her. Farhaan wishes to strangle her neck. Meanwhile, Subhan is waiting in the hall. Kaynaat says that Dua will gain her consciousness asap. We are getting late for the flight. Hafeez tried to stop her. Hameeda asks him to calm down. She doesn’t want to create any drama here. Dua isn’t well she needs a rest. If Kaynaat wants to leave she won’t stop her. She is here to take care of her daughter. Kaynaat asks Subhan to get up. We are getting late. Subhan is about to leave.

Ibadat stops Subhan. She says that Dua is considering him as her first son. She requests him not to leave her alone in this situation. She needs his presence. Kaynaat asks her to stop her drama. Ibadat says that she isn’t creating any drama here. Dua is always considering him as her first son. Whatever can happen to her in this state. She needs love not medicine. Kaynaat asks why she is staring Subhan. Her mom didn’t teach anything good to her daughter. Mannat trapped her son in her sugar coated words. Why should her son stay here for Dua. She doesn’t care about Dua’s health. Subhan is not a medicine to her. If he assures them to take care of her mom. Ibadat says that mom didn’t promised to anyone to take care of them. She is handling all the business. Haider transferred all the properties to Dua’s name. Kaynaat is living in her house too. Kaynaat says that it’s the true colors of her. She doesn’t want to hear it all. Ibadat says that she might hear it. If Dua needs she can lead a happy life with her both daughters. Though she is giving importance to her family. She is uniting the family. She gave everything to them. She never showed her authority to anyone yet. But she doesn’t care about Dua.

Whatever happened here, because of Mannat. What is Dua’s mistake in it. Dua takes care of everyone in this house but she is not showing any mercy to her. Ibadat says that she isn’t understanding anything. Gulnaaz thinks that Kaynaat shouldn’t stop listening to Ibadat. Ibadat says that she doesn’t care about Dua’s health. Kaynaat says that she can answer to her questions. But she isn’t saying anything because she has concern about about Dua’s health. Kaynaat forced Subhan to leave with her. Subhan shares an eye lock with her. He leaves with his mom. Ibadat feels heartbroken. Hameeda hugs her to console her. Gulnaaz feels relieved. Mannat notices Farhaan sneaking out of the house. She thinks if ur planning something else. Farhaan locked Mannat inside the house. She opens it. She recalls the way she repaired it. She has to find the truth about Farhaan. She follows him behind. Subhan asks Hameeda to stop Subhan. Hina feels heartbroken after seeing everyone left the house. Gulnaaz pretends like consoling her.

Subhan recalls Ibadat’s words and gets emotional. Hameeda trying to console Ibadat. She says that Dua needs her support. If she cries like this then who will take care of Dua. Kaynaat asks Subhan to get inside the car. We are getting late. Subhan denied it. Ibadat feels his presence and rushes to open the door. Subhan comes there surprising evryone.

Episode end

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