Radha challenges Krishna: RadhaKrishn

  1. Star Bharat popular show Radhakrishn to next witness, how Radha and Krishna will help Govardhan to meet Chandravali.

Radha challenges Krishna: RadhaKrishn

In the show RadhaKrishn, after high voltage drama it’s time for some celebration. In the episodes it was seen how Radha and Krishna revive the love on the earth. Krishna took Yogeswar Avatar to revive love in Radha’s heart. Radha and Krishna thus decides to unite as one body so that they can save ‘love’ to vanish from the universe.

Now in the upcoming episodes will see Krishna and Radha will join hands once again to help Govardhan. Govardhan and Chandravali’s Tilak rituals start. Chandravali parents insist Vrishbhan and Kirtida to perform all the wedding rituals. Vrishbhan gets emotional and starts the rituals. After the rituals, Krishna will suggest a game. Krishan will tell the rule of the game to all. The game begins and everyone starts enjoying. Later, Krishna and Radha will deliberately lose the competition to make Govardhan and Chandravali win. Krishna and Radha will also help Govardhan and Chandravali to meet.

Otherside, kans will struggle to get sleep. He will tell Deviki that her son Krishana is not letting him sleep. He announces till he will not sleep no one will dare to sleep. There Krishna will smile thinking someone is going to wake soon. Meanwhile, Radha will challenge Balram and the other men for dance.

Radha and Krishna will be seen dancing. Earlier also, in the show Krishna and Radha was seen dancing but this time Radha has challenged Krishna, Balram and other men for dance. It  will be interesting to watch who will win the dance competition or like always Radha and Krishna will win together. Well, for all the answers keep watching serial RadhaKrishn, mon-sat 9pm on Star Bharat and anytime on Hotstar.

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