Radha Krishna 20th July 2020 Written Update: Arjun’s urge to visit Mahal on Krishn’s saying

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The episode starts with Krishn saying Draupadi that he knows that she doesn’t want the marriage and asks her to reconsider her decision. He says that what’s in her mind and Sikandhi as if he knows what they have in mind too. Krishn says that something big is going to happen in the upcoming time and Draupadi will play the major role in it and even she has a big role to play in that. Sikandhi gets confused and leaves. Krishn advises Draupadi that it’s a woman’s right to choose her life partner and asks her to not marry kalingraj. Draupadi says that for her her father is everything and she’ll do anything he says. Krishn asks what if someone changes her father’s mind and gets her released from the marriage. Draupadi says that if something like that happens then she’ll forever be friends with them and will listen to each and every word of them throughout their lives.

Pandavas are seen asking for biksha outside on streets. Arjun and Yudhishtir finds the way to mahal but Yudhishtir advises Arjun to not think about going there as someone may recognise them. On the other hand Bheem notices sweets stall and wants to have sweets. He takes Nakul and Sahadev with him.

Yudhishtir finds Arjun still lost in the path and asks if he’s still reeling on Madhav’s words. He asks him not to take it to heart and it’s Draupadi’s wedding there. He says that Duryodhan would be present there too. In the meantime Bheem asks for biksha to the sweets person and he gives the sweets divided among the three. Bheem asks for more but the shop keeper says that hecm’s also poor and asks him to visit mahal as its Draupad’s wedding there and they would get lots of sweets.

Krishn is leaving somewhere when Balram calls him and asks Where’s he going. He says that he wants to change King Draupad’s decision but Balram asks who will do it. He says that he’ll listen to swayam for sure. On the other hand Vishwa dhoop says Draupad that no one has come for swayamvar. Draupad says that they will come as its going to be the biggest merger of Kaling and Panchal. Krishn comes there and asks how will they come when the father himself doesn’t have any love for his daughter. Draupad asks what’s he saying when Krishn recalls him about Draupadi’s birth time.

In the flashback it is revealed that in order to defeat Dronacharya Draupad conducted a yagnya praying for Agnidev. He asked for a son to defeat Dronacharya and Vishwa dhoop comes out of it. However he says that he wants to have a daughter for defeating Arjun who stood with Dronacharya. He sheds two drops of his tears into the fire and Draupadi emerges out of it. Draupad gets happy seeing Draupadi and says seeing her he has almost lost his anger seeing her and feels fatherhood feeling. He names her as yagnya putri, Draupadi and Panchali. Krishn says that he got three most powerful children like Sikandhi, Vishwa dhoop and Draupadi and he completely forgot about their birth.
Krishn’s voice over : if our principle becomes the reason for a sin then it is best to leave the principle to hail justice.

Precap : Draupad announces Draupadi’s swayamvar.