RadhaKrishn 16th March 2020 Written Update: Krishna explains to Balram about the story of Noor becoming powerful

Episode begins with Ayan and Radha discussing with each other regarding the intentions of Krishna. Ayan says in this time of crisis when he should think about Barsana and other states where people are in grave danger he is making deal with people for some Parijat tree. After sometime, Satyabhama gets to hear the conversation of Ayan and Radha and she gets angry to hear some foul languages against Krishna from him. She says you cannot speak so much of bad regarding my husband and Radha asks Ayan to apologise from Satyabhama.

However, Krishna says to Balram that Noor did a very hard meditation to get the blessings from Brahma. Krishna says that in the entire universe everybody has a power power which is called will power. If you have will power then you can do anything in this world and no one can stop you. Narayan says to Balram, when Nur will complete the list of committing sins. However, pieces the time is near when there will be a huge fight between Noor and Narayan which is going to be memorable for the entire universe. Krishna says to Narada that Devraj Indra is waiting for you so that you can go and bring the tree of Parijat.

Narad goes to Devraj in and he says that we are ready to give this tree and he brought it back to the palace of Dwarka. Rani Satyabhama says just because this gift is exclusively for me from my husband I want this in the garden area of mine so that only I can inhale the fragrance of this flowers. Rukmani says to that this tree is in Dwarka so let every people of Dwarka have the fragrance and presence of this divine tree but doesn’t agree for this and she says I will not share the love of my husband with anybody because it is only for me and he loves me the most.

Radha gets worried about Satyabhama and thinks she is blind in her arrogance right now but when she will realise the reality I hope she has that courage in herself to accept it wholeheartedly. Krishna says that this trip will be situated where my wife Satyabhama wants. On the other side, Nur says to Narkasur that soon I will bring all the women and girls of devlok and Earth here so that they can dedicate their life to take care of you and entertain you.

At last Krishna says that when two persons become enemies of each other then it is really important to understand when to criticize and when to insult. Insulting someone to make them realise their wrong will never be cultivated in good results but criticism can so if you want to to rectify someone then please take care of time place and situation before criticizing it.

Precap – Krishna goes to fight with Noor after he kidnapped 16100 females.