RadhaKrishn 18th March 2020 Written Update: Krishna gives last warning to Narkasur to revive himself

Episode begins with Krishna announced the death of Moor and also want Narakasur about his fate if he doesn’t mend his way by now. He says like everybody I am giving you also a last chance to revive yourself from your scenes and rectify the wrong but if you don’t do so then I have to come and punish you. He openly challenges Narkasur and to fight with him Narkasur comes on the field with some of his best fighters but finds nobody there while Krishna goes and rescues Kutila from the prison. Krishna returns to Dwarka everybody welcomes him with so much love and affection. They all hailed his name with Love and honour because he did an almost impossible thing.

Balram comes in front of all and announces that from now on this whole universe will acknowledge Krishna with the name of Murari as well. Radha says to Krishna that I will call you Murari, as the name Murari as well because this name suits you a lot, Rukmini also agrees with her. Ayan ask about his sister Kutila from Krishna and she comes down from the cart of Krishna and everybody gets happy to see her safe and sound. Ayan goes and hugs her and asks if she is fine there or not? Krishna says that I have given a last chance to Narkasur but if he doesn’t back out from the atrocities he is doing then he has to meet his deadly fate. Satyabhama doesn’t like to see that Krishna is giving attention to all but not her exclusively. Krishna gate to understand ad and hip hop asli ask for her when she comes in the front and says that I am here because you called me and I know you love me so much among all.

Satyabhama proposes that she wants to do a very grand Puja celebration at Dwarka palace with the help of the flowers of Parijat she has in her garden. Balram suggested Krishna to sit in the pooja with Rukmini as she is his first wife. Satyabhama doesn’t like the proposal and opposses it immediately and also expresses her wish to sit in the pooja along with Krishna. Krishna agrees with Satyabhama and Radha also supports him. Later on, Krishna says to his brother, it is an important part of the whole process and you need to wait and watch to see who will ultimately sit in the Puja.

Narkasur decides to defames the 16100 ladies he has in his capture so that he can marry them and leaves and then there will be no longer be able to show their face to anybody in the society. Sathyabama arranges legrand Pooja of Lord Shiva in her garden of Parijat. Everybody appreciate the decorations and arrangements made by her including Krishna and she gets happy to see his appreciations. Balram is guessing that Krishna is up to something big this time and they need to wait for it.

Precap – Krishan and Narakasur are fighting with each other.