RadhaKrishn 3rd March 2020 Written Update: Krishna decided to gain the gem with love and talk

Episode begins with the army people informed Krishna that all the people of Jarasandh are capturing us from all the corners and we are getting trapped inside it. If they captured us from all over the area then we will have no way out from this place.

Krishna says to them that you people don’t need to worry about it, I will tell you all what to do and what not to do, you people just need to pay attention to my orders. On the other hand Rukmini welcomes Balram and her brother along with Radha and one more person. Rukmini gets worried not to see Krishna around and she enquired to Balram about him.

However, Balram says that he will be back after getting the gem only and till then he is there in the jungle but you people need not to worry about him. He says to us that we need to take care of the security of dwarka that is why we came back but I left some people of our army with him.

Radha understands that Balram is purposely not saying the whole story in front of all and his intention was not to make any more worried about Krishna which is understandable. All of them are talking with each other. Satyabhama comes there and inquired about her stone. Rukmini blames her for the condition of Krishna today.

She says to her, till the time Krishna got back the gem and gives it to me and till the time it is not proved that he is not a thief you cannot put an allegation on me queen Rukmini. Radha excused herself and calls Balram in a corner for some important ok. Krishna understands that the situation is getting intense with time and he has to call for the actual person with whom he has to fight it anyway to gain the gem.

He calls for King Jananadh and says that I am here for a noble cause and for that you have to appear in front of me. He comes out and says to Krishna that how dare you call me like that and that gym belongs to me and I will not give it to you like that. If you really want to achieve it then you have to fight with me and defeat me.

Krishna says I am not here to fight with you by Jasmine Jain back with love and peace because war always lead to destruction and I know what to do that. he said that if you really believe in love and peace then you will not bring army people with you, this proves that your words and actions are not matching. Krishna all the time it is not necessary that what we can see is the ultimate truth sometimes situations can have their own explanations.

Krishna agrees to fight with him and says that I will do as per your say. Jananand calls Krishna inside his kids to fight with him and Krishna deliberately and knowingly enters the cave because this is what something this tonight.

Radha tries to know from Balram about Krishna but he says that I cannot tell you the entire story but you can know that he is doing some great deeds. Satyabhama blames Krishna for the death of her uncle. Krishna begins fight with Jananand inside his caves.

Precap – Jarasandh captured Krishna from all the sides and reached the entrance of the cave.