RadhaKrishn 6th March 2020 Written Update: Balram gets notified about the possible war zone is going to happen in Dwarka

Episode begins with this chapter which will unfold the biggest lesson for Rukmini. He says your presence is highly needed in this state of war which will be transformed deadly if you will not be here. He says your presence is mandatory as you have to stop people from taking part in the war.

Krishna says to Radha that this time the holi of Dwarka needs to be done in the most beautiful way as it is the first holi of the state Dwarka. I want the holi celebration to be colored in the color of our love, Radha says that means it is blue. Radha gets up from sleep and realizes that even if not physical, he surely comes to the dreams of mine.

Radha says to Krishna that I will make sure that the Holi will be celebrated in the best way. Radha goes to have a check on the Dwarka people who are in full mood to celebrate the happiness of Holi with the people. They thanked Radha for helping them to arrange the holi celebration.

Radha says to them that you people should celebrate the very first celebration of Holi in a grand way. Balram informs Rukmini about the real intentions of her brother Rukmi and the actual reason for his arrival here. Rukimini who is already worried about the whereabouts of Krishna gets disheartened with this information.

Balram says to her I know you are hurt but tikl teh tike Krishna does not return back to Dwarka we need to behave all fine and normal with him or else he will develop a doubt against us.

Satyabhama listened to the entire narration of events and says to them that we need to divert the mind of Prince Rukmi in this and for that I have an idea as for him currently the most important thing is to safeguard Dwarka in the absence of Krishna as he is out to bring my gem only.

Satyabhama comes to meet Rukmi and says I got to know about you later that you are going to be the king of a state called Vidharv soon and then I thought to give your proposal a shot. However, currently I would like to know what you can do for me?

Rukmi says I am ready to do whatever you will ask me to do as I am so worked up to make you the queen of my emperor. Staybhama says to Rukmi please keep in mind that you have to fulfill my wish when time will come.

Balram gets informed by his men that Jarasandh is aware about the secret bridge to reach Dwarja and he fumes in anger that it must be done by Rukmi only.

Krishna and Vriksh Raj calls for Mahadev to open the door of the cave as Krishna needs to return to Dwarka as soon as possible. Lord Shiva says you two put me under a huge dilemma and now I have to look for an alternative to this inconvenience.

Krishna can sense that danger is slowly approaching Dwarka slowly while Jarasandh is coming with full force to attack on Dwarka.

Precap – Radha and Krishna are playing holi with each other and Rukmini is upset on the occasion of holi and the whole sky is turning blue.