Radhakrishn- doubts, fear and threats!


All is not going well in Radha and Krishna’s paradise post-Krishna’s open declaration of love and intention of marriage to Radha. These divine pair have now met with a conflicting situation where they are getting distant to one another when they must have been more united than ever. Radha has wholeheartedly accepted Krishna’s proposal for their marriage. But when it came to Krishna’s condition of her needing to accept the proposal in front of her parents and the whole Barsana’s society she took her step back. This led Krishna to be more persistent on his demand and now both are stubborn on their take.

On one side Radha is worried and doubtful to openly declare her acceptance of love for Krishna in front of everyone. Her reluctance is well justified as well. On the other side, Krishna has placed this demand in front of her to empower her to stand strong on her choices. He wants to take pride in being hers and making hers his. Radha’s reluctance doesn’t help fulfill his desires and so they end up in a conflict of emotions among themselves.

Later, Krishna threatens Radha that he will not marry and become a sage if Radha refuses to do as per his will. He pesters Radha to accept his proposal not in closed confines of their proximity only but in the presence of everyone that is important for the two of them and their marital relationship. Now its for them to decide what they do next.

Meanwhile, we can sit back and watch what decisions will they make, and in which dimension their story goes from here after their decision. Will Radha give in or will it be the other way around? To know more, tune into Radhakrishn and keep buzzing this space.

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