Radhakrishn: Indra- 0, Krishna- 1

In the recent episodes of Star Bharat’s mythological series ‘Radhakrishn’, the king of heaven has declared war against Krishna because of his disobedience to animal sacrificing for worshipping gods. The battle lasted pretty long and to defeat Indra’s arrogance Krishna decided to teach him a lesson not by the arms but by logical reasoning. Krishna told his people that they should worship Govardhan hill instead of the power-hungry lord who demands killing innocent animals. And in the rage of Krishna’s comment, Indra attacked brindaban with his bajra. Krishna didn’t counter-attack but lifted Govardhan hill high to shield all the people from Indra’s wrath.

Seeing this miraculous deed of Krishna, Indra gets shocked and goes to Mahadev for guidance and assistance. Lord Mahadev will tell the truth about Krishna to Indra. Learning that Krishna is an avatar of Lord Narayana, Indra will apologize and leave his arrogance to rest. All people will be happy.

After this, Radha and Krishna will share a lovely moment together. Radha, after having her oath to reach the top of Govardhan hill, will want to break her fast. Krishna who also fasted for the reason that Radha has kept the fast will also break his fast. The eternal lovers will be seen breaking the fast together.

Later, in the show, Vrishbhaan will place an unexpected demand in front of everyone. This unexpected demand for him will leave everyone stunned. In the upcoming episodes, the show will focus on the plot after Vrishbhaan’s unexpected demand and the repercussions of it.

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