Radhakrishn- Kans’ evil ploy to have a fight between Mahakali and Krishna!

Star Bharat’s popular mythological show Radhakrishn is gearing up for a very special on-screen moment as Krishna and Mahakali are going to be face to face for an attack by the latter to the former since Kans’ evil ploy has worked out in his favor. Mahakali, however, never wanted this situation to occur. She even requested Lord Mahadev to make Kans stop in time so she wouldn’t have to grant him his evil wish as a boon.

But Mahadev made her understand that he, as a lord, can not interfere in the Bhakt’s Tapasya (Prayer) even if he is aware of his malicious intent behind it. So, Kans got his way and got the boon from Mahakali where he asked for an attack to Krishna. He also had another chance of getting Kans killed by using Ekdansh but he decides to use that to kill Ayan instead. Will he succeed in his plans though? Going by the spoilers given to us by the exclusive sources from the set of the show, his plan is going to end unfruitful.

In the upcoming episode, Ekdansh will go to the Shiv temple in order to kill Ayan but Radha will see him trying to attack Ayan and stop him from doing so just in the right time. Will Radha be the receiving end of the attack? Watch the episode to find out. On the other side, as per Kans’ set out a plan, Mahakali will face Krishna and tell him to get ready for her attack. Krishna will put his guard down in front of the glorious goddess and says he puts his feet down. He will tell her that he is not going to fight her. Keep this space abuzz for more updates.