Radhakrishn: Krishna to heal Radha’s illness from Ekdansh’s poisonous bite!

In Star Bharat’s Radhakrishn, despite being in love with Krishna and having to marry Ayan just to fulfill her duty, Radha has still been a very good and dutiful wife to Ayan. But Ayan is nothing more than an unworthy husband for her. He is always giving troubles to Radha by his unjustifiable jealousy, insecurity, and insensitivity.

Previously, he even conspired against Radha and Krishna during their stay in Rishi Durvasa’s hermitage where he joined hands with evil Kans to carry out his plan. His joining hands with Kans then and being incompetent to help Kans has now led to Kans being an enemy to him as well. In the most recent episode of the show, we saw Kans using Ekdansh as his weapon to get back at Ayan where he told Ekdansh to bite Ayan and kill him with the poison.

Now when Ekdansh tried to attach Ayan with the poison, Radha sees it and dodges Ayan away taking the attack on herself. As a result, now her whole body will be affected by the poison which will make Balram tensed. However, Krishna will inform Balram that by upcoming Krisnapaksh’s last day, the poison will be out from Radha’s body. He will also tell him that the people who troubled Radha will get punished.

Seeing Radha in such a state makes Krishna feel hurt and emotional. He will be enraged thinking about how petty the devils have gone to trouble her. He will not be able to stand Radha suffering from the poisonous attack in her body and so he will disguise himself as Achyuta to heal Radha with a miraculous touch.

Later, Achyuta aka Krishna will reveal that Ayan is responsible for Radha’s plight. Do follow us for more news and updates on your favorite shows.