Radhakrishn: Krishna to prepare an idol for Radha!

Radhakrishn that airs on Star Bharat never fails to portray the iconic love story between Radha and Krishna in the best light of purity, chastity, and virtue. Though Radha and Krishna were never married to each other, their love is the most worshipped and celebrated for they knew true love is not in having one another in possession but to give happiness to each other. That is why even after Radha is married to someone else, the friendship between Radha and Krishna remains as strong as ever. The purity of their relationship cannot be maligned by anyone.

The love they share is still divine and it is what makes them stand out from the rest. In recent episodes, the show has been showcasing how Radha and Krishna form a strong bond of friendship and human relationship after their tragic separation in romantic love. Their story teaches us love is not about romance or fancy fantasies, but it is all about trust, honesty, dedication, and sacrifices. It is about spreading happiness and glowing in the light of it. In the upcoming episode of the show, we will see another souvenir of their love in the form of an idol which Krishna will prepare for Radha. This is the special gift from him to her that signifies the purity of their true love.

On the other side though, the malicious Kans is still not satisfied with his ego and hunt for vengeance from Krishna. He will try new scams and plots to finish Krishna and wipe out his existence from the world. But will he be successful? We hope he won’t be able to bring harm to anyone anymore. Meanwhile, the news is Ugrapat and Jatila will come across some shocking truth? What is it? Do tune into the show for more. Keep following us for more updates.