Radhakrishn: Krishna to put his feelings forward with the help of Sukha!


Star Bharat’s mythological romantic saga Radhakrishn is highly admired by the fans for its simplistic yet beautiful presentation of the eternal love story between Radha and Krishna. The mythology tells the story of Radha and Krishna who despite loving each other undyingly cannot be together as husband and wife due to familial and societal reasons.

Several problems occur and they are put in a dilemma between choosing to love each other and duties towards the family. Radha will decide to choose her duty as a daughter instead of love and Krishna will suggest her to do that too. The show was impeccable in capturing the essence of separation between this spiritually inseparable couple and has now come past Radha’s wedding with somebody else. Radha is married to Ayan who is neither an ideal husband for her nor a good human being.

Still, she is trying to fit the role in his house and life as far as possible. Most importantly, she has found a new name for the relationship she shares with Krishna as well. The relationship between the two is very pure and chaste and she gets to learn many knowledgeable things that enlighten her because of Krishna.

Thus, she thinks of him as her guru or teacher. In the upcoming episode, Krishna will try to deliver his feelings to Radha and as he is unable to do so directly, he will seek help from Sukha. Sukha, Radha’s speaking parrot will tell his messages to her as he wishes. On the other hand, Kans will go to the pataal lok to find the best weapon against Krishna. Time and again, Krishna has beaten Kans in his own game and this time he wants to take revenge for all that with a full strike. Keep following us for more updates.

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