Radhakrishn: Love is not all about weddings and marriages!

We all have grown listening to love stories from age-old sagas that entail the eternal love idealizing the idea of chastity and purity in true love. Even our mythological stories foster such love stories in-depth and present the truest form where a man and woman can be in eternal love without having a named relationship between them.

One such love saga is the story of Radha and Krishna where despite the fact that they were never married following the-then social rituals, their loved lived till eternity in the most beautiful sense there ever could be.

Star Bharat’s top-rated mythological drama Radhakrishnan is highly appreciated for its simplistic yet awesome presentation of the love story between Radha and Krishna in absolute delightful detail.

Radha is already married to Ayan due to the certain promise made by her father to Ugrapaat and since her marriage, she has been a dutiful wife and daughter in law in her new household. Krishna has sacrificed his love for her and let her fulfill her duty as a daughter by marrying someone else.

However, love is not limited to marital vows and boundaries when it comes to them. They define love in the purest form and their relationship is the raging example of how love doesn’t need to be confined in social customs and marital vows. In the upcoming episode of the show, we will see Krishna professing his eternal love to Radha after he takes her to Goloka.

Radha will be amazed at his confession and will try to figure out his true personality. She will be confused about what Krishna really is. She will think about the love they share and their unnamed relationship which is the most special. Do follow us for more news and updates from your favorite shows.