Radhakrishn: Mahadev’s puja to be the next crucial point in the show!

Radha is almost on the verge of identifying the truth of Krishna as she reaches the final test of hers. Krishna, on the other hand, is also waiting for her to pass the final test so he could tell her all about his real avatar. In the Kailash lok, lord Mahadev and Gauri Maa are also eager to look at how Radha’s last test comes along so that Radha and Krishna could finally reunite. But is reunion really possible for Radha and Krishna? That is for time to tell.

For now, we all know that Radha and Krishna are eternal lovers and their true love is so iconic and inspirational that it is at the highest pedestal of purest love there ever could be.

The recent episode has developed the track for the upcoming crucial point in the show, where the decisive plot will be revealed of whether Radha finds out who Krishna truly is.

In the coming episode, we will Radha threatening Krishna to expose his strange behaviors to everyone in Barsana to which Krishna counter threats her that he too will expose that she is still in love with him. Their argument will find no real clear winner and it will be left at that. Later as the episode progresses, Radha together with Krishna and everyone from Barsana will leave to go for Lord Mahadev’s puja.

Meanwhile, Kans goes to Sukracharya seeking help for his new plan. He will go to the guru of asuras and ask him to get one asur so that he could send that to capture Nandi.

It looks like the upcoming Mahadev’s puja will bring some crucial points in the show. Do tune in for more entertainment. Keep this space abuzz for more updates and spoilers as such.