Radhakrishn- Path to wisdom!

There have been tons of emotional upheaval going on in Radhakrishnan’s paradise as they had to break up with one another and Radha had to get married to somebody else due to her father’s oath. The separation between these two eternal lovers is said to be an inevitable thing in the mythology since both of them are morally conscious of accepting their respective duties and fates as a human being.

Now that Radha is already married to somebody else, Krishna is about to leave Barsana and go take care of his other duties for which he had to take this human avatar as one of the many avatars of Lord Narayan. The main objective of Krishna avatar of Lord Narayan is to keep the sins of evil Kans in check, impart wisdom to the people and help the earth balance with ways of truth, honesty, and novelty.

So, in the coming episodes, the show is moving forward to the part of Kans and Krishna’s much-awaited confrontation. In the upcoming episode, as we will see Krishna prepare to embark on his secret mission with Balram, Radha will be crestfallen. She will panic and follow his way out of Vrindaban to stop him from doing so. Radha and Krishna will meet at the border of Barsana and she will try to make him stop from going further.

However, Krishna will make her understand instead that what he is going to do is a must do a thing. He must fulfill this mission as it is all about the purpose of his existence. He will make an emotional confession to Radha. Later, he will also show Radha a wise path following his confession. To watch this beautiful play of emotions, tune into Star Bharat. Keep following us for more updates and news.