Radhakrishn: promises need to be fulfilled!

Earlier in our previous report, we exclusively brought the news of upcoming big twist in Star Bharat’s all-time favorite mythological love saga Radhakrishn. Radha and Krishna have proceeded to their wedding despite hurdles and obstacles coming around from almost everywhere. Though many of the people of Barsana are delighted with this establishment of the sacred bond between their highly adored Radha and Krishna, there are a few people who are burning in their agony because they had ulterior motives against this marriage. Ayan, who expected to reign to the throne after taking Radha as his wife is on the verge of going mad because his plans fell flat on his face and all his conspiracies did nothing to stop this wedding from happening.

In a defeated note, Ayan surprisingly declares he is going to take sannyas to spend the rest of his life as a sannyasi. This declaration will shock Jatila, Vrishbhaan, and Ugrapaat to the core. Worried by his decision Ugrapaat will try to make him see sense by suggesting him not to take rash decisions just like that.

However, Ayan will be very adamant about his decision and wouldn’t budge. Knowing his stubborn nature, Ugrapaat will realize it is now up to him to take matters in his hand and stop Radha getting married to Krishna. He will meet with Vrishbhaan and order him to make Radha marry Ayan anyway possible like he has promised to do in the past. While everyone will be busy attending Radha and Krishna’s marriage, here Ugrapaat will ask this Vrishbhaan to fulfill his promise of marrying Ayan and Radha.

Now it will be interesting to see what Vrishbhan is going to do. What consequences will be seen with this twist in the tale?

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