RadhaKrishn: Pyar Hua Ikrar Hua!

Fans of Star Bharat’s mythological love story ‘Radhakrishn’ are in literally on cloud nine as in an iconic scene, Lord Krishna proposes Radha on the moon. Now that’s what we call a declaration of love in a Lord’s way. It is extremely fascinating to witness such a magically beautiful moment on the screen which were until now only recorded on the holy books of Hinduism. People worship Radha and Krishna as one unit formed from two bodies ‘RadhaKrishn’ and millions of people are devotees of the godly pair. Therefore, the episodes of the series these days are a special highlight for the thousands of fans and devotees to actually get a visual glimpse of the majestic love saga in their own screens.

Following Krishna’s proposal of marriage Radha gets really overwhelmed and agrees to take him as her husband – Pati Parameshowr. However, Krishna will then put forward a strange condition in front of Radha. He asks her to accept his proposal openly in front of her parents and all the people of Barsana. This will leave Radha feeling worried on how is she supposed to do something so outrageous like that? The intriguing section of the story will be reaction of all the people if Radha fulfills Krishna’s desire on this matter. Only time will tell how these sequences and its aftereffects play along.

In the other side, Kansa furious on not succeeding to kill his sister and brother-in-law devises another evil plan. His statement will shock Ayan very much. Kans will meet Aghori Rakshas to put his plan into motion. What must it be that Kans is willing to do with Aghori Rakshas? Keep tuning into Star Bharat for RadhaKrishn to know more highlights of the story.

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