Radhakrishn: Radha and Krishna lovingly take care of sage Durvasa!

These days the main story of Radhakrishna show on Star Bharat has centered around in sage Durvasa’s hermitage. Lots of dramatic events have already unfolded while Radha and Krishna are there to serve to the hermitage and lots of them are still to unfold. According to our sources, the spoilers for the upcoming episode suggest the ongoing clash between Krishna and Kans to continue further. In the next episode, we will see sage Durvasa falling severely ill. Radha and Krishna will decide to serve him and take care of his illness until he recovers fully. They will stay together on think about ways to make his illness go away.

Meanwhile, Kans will be curious about Krishna’s whereabouts. He is still burning in the rage of his unsuccessful plan which was thrown off by Krishna. Kans now will try to track down Krishna’s location so he could plan his next move meticulously. Another of his asurs will soon be sent to find and meet Radha in disguise of Sukha. Will Radha be able to recognize the asur or will she fall back in danger once again? Will Krishna sense that she is in danger like he does every time and comes to rescue her again? The show is going to tell this story in its upcoming part.

On the other side, Ayan is being pointedly criticized by the Brahmins at the hermitage for his low moralistic behavior and arrogance. In the meantime, Radha and Krishna will together make a garland for sage Durvasa. They will bring best scented flowers from all around and try making the most special garland so that sage Durvasa could be healed and be happy as soon as possible. Keep following our portal for more of such updates from your own favorite tv shows.