Radhakrishn: Radha to face trouble given by her in-laws!

Star Bharat’s Radhakrishna is moving forward from the surrounding of sage Durava’s hermitage to more familial storyline in the forthcoming episodes. As per the newly arrived spoilers from the set of the show, now the show is gearing up for some Saas Bahu content in its storyline.

As we all are aware, ever since Radha got married to Ayan, he has been trying everything to win over Radha’s heart by hook or by crook. He is trying to put Krishna down so that his insecurity and jealousy regarding Krishna’s relationship with Radha could have a better result. He wants full attention from Radha and as he is not able to win her heart straight away, he is resorting to hurting her as much as possible. He is angry that despite being his wife, Radha shares a great rapport with Krishna.

In the upcoming episode, we will see him deciding to punish Radha on some baseless grounds for not being able to adhere to his wishes. Moreover, Jatila will also provide a supporting hand to her son Ayan in making life more difficult for Radha. The evil woman will intentionally give some very strenuous works to Radha. Radha will struggle a lot to do all the duties assigned to her in time. She will have a very hard time coping up with all the piled up difficult work and on the other side handling the punishment declared by Ayan.

This is surely going to dishearten the fans of the show seeing their favorite character going through all the trouble just because of useless people who never can see other’s happiness. However, there is also some good coming out of this track as we will get to see Krishna coming out secretly to help Radha do all the works. Follow us for more updates and news.