Radhakrishn: Radha to find out her connection with Krishna’s childhood stories!

Radhakrishn on Star Bharat is going through a very crucial track right at the moment where Radha explores the true identity of Krishna. She comes face to face with his several miraculous moments and then doubts about his true identity as a human being.

The leelas that Krishna does amaze her and she is left pondering about her confusions. During the Mahadev pujan, she will get to see Mahadev live during her prayers. Mahadev suggests her to give in to her love completely so that she could know all of her answers. However, it turns out so that Mahadev has advised her so in her delusion. But still the delusion might give her some insight and she might come closer to discovering Krishna’s truth.

Meanwhile, it looks like trouble times are ahead for people of Barsana. Guru Sukracharya is trying to compel Devi Yamuna to give him a boon through which he can destroy Barsana and Krishna at once. On the other side, Krishna too will tell Radha that until she surrenders herself to him completely, how can she really know about him.

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