Radhakrishn- Radha’s side of story and her love for Krishna that she will express with Achyuta!

Earlier in Star Bharat’s superhit mythological drama Radhakrishn that highlights the eternal love story shared by divine pair Radha and Krishna, Radha was affected by the poison from Ekdansh’s attack. While every one of Radha’s well-wishers was sad and in tension due to her ill health because of the poison, Lord Krishna thought of helping to heal her.

That is when he took Achyuta’s avatar and came with medicinal healing power which made Radha overcome the aftereffects of the poisonous venom spread all over her body. Now with the development in the story, Radha and Achyuta have bonded very well, even more than they did before all this incident.

In the upcoming episode, Radha will have a heart to heart conversation with Achyuta. She will tell the bird how she has hoped Krishna to come and save her life. She will elaborate on her dependency and hopes she has placed on Krishna. Not only that, but she will also move on to tell Achyuta about her true feelings about Krishna. Witness this emotionally heart-rendering scene onscreen this coming episode.

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