RadhaKrishn: Trouble in the paradise of Radha and Krishna

Star Bharat popular mythological show “Radha-Krishna” has reached to the saturation point.of the storyline. Currently the show is focusing on the marriage track of Krishna and Radha and as we all know that Krishna and Radha never got married, so the reasons for the same will  be explored in the show currently.

As seen in the last episode of the show after killing nosetting the negative aura of Asur Shankhachur free Krishna collected the pearl for Radha.

Later on after Radha gained consciousness Krishna challenged her for the game and they claim to win against each other. Kirtida after explained the rules of the game to both of them they started the competition. Krishna and Radha had collected shells as per their capabilities. Later in the time of counting Krishna using his divine powers increased Radha’s number of collected shells.

On the other side, Ayan fumes in anger after getting to know that Radha is marrying Krishna and decided to do something which will stop the wedding of both. Few times later Ayan informed Ugrapath that he is going to take Sanyas for the rest of his life.

In tonight’s episode of the show Radha will eavesdrop between her parents talk. She will get to know that her parents have sacrificed a lot for her and she breaks down in tears. On the other hand Ugrapath informed Vrishbhan that Ayan love Radha. He will  also make him remember about the promise he makes. According to that he has to get Radha married to Ayan only. Vrishbhan decided to addresses everyone about the matter while on the other side Jatila conspires a severe punishment for Vrishbhan.

Radha in an unexpected turn of event will get to know about everything happening in her parents life. Will Krishna be able to rescue Radha from this mess or their love story will remain incomplete? To know more about your favourite show stay tuned to this space.