RadhaKrishn Written Update 16th December 2019:Krishna and Balaram leave Gurukul completing their studies

Krishna is in gurukul, lord shiva speaks that for the world, the source of knowledge are the vedas, and the combined recitation of them by radha-krishna has proved that the base of vedas is love.

Radha and Krishna are reciting them at their respective places. When Krishna finishes the recitation everyone in the gurukul feels very ecstatic and emotional. They join their hands praising Krishna. His guru sandeepani says that though I am your teacher and I have to teach you, this recitation of yours without any mistake has even left me spellbound. Balram also smiles.

Radha too on finishing her recitation is praised by everyone in her palace, most by her father. All the audience there also gets very emotional. Radha first credits her father for giving her a chance to recite vedas and later praises Krishna for her proper recitation. She says it’s the energy from Krishna that came into her while recitation and it just came out in a flow. This say leaves everyone irritated and infuriated. Radha’s father also gets angry and leaves. Next, Krishna and balram are with their guru and his wife, asking for permission to leave the ashram as their study is finished, but guru sandeepani’s wife says that no study is complete without the guru dakshina and they have to give it. After asking what the guru dakshina is, she says that they have to bring back her dead son punardatt. To this, balram replies that this is against the law of nature and we cannot fulfill this wish. The guru’s wife starts crying that you both are divine students and only you can fulfill this wish of mine. Please consider this to be a mother’s wish rather than a guru dakshina. Krishna replies that when a mother has ordered us to do something then we must atleast give it a try.

Krishan then visits radha by their imaginary powers and tells her that he is going to do a certain job which is against the laws of nature and asks her tonot losepatience even for the slightest second as only love has the power to change even the cycle of life.

Krishna and balram leave for the sea whose waves had engulfed punardatt. They request the sea lord to be present before them but after few requests he does not show up. Krishna then with his powers starts producing high waves in the sea which brings up the sea lord. He, on knowing who these two people are, tells them that there is a monster living at the bottom of the sea who takes down any living being who comes to the shore, he must’ve taken down punardatt as well. Krishna and balram go down the sea to find the monster living in a shankh which is a very divine shankh called the panchjanya. Balram says this is the place of residence of goddess Lakshmi and what is this monster doing here. Then they call shankhasur the monster to come out of the shankh. Shankhasur on coming out finds two boys standing, and tries to subdue them but due to powers of Krishna, they could not be defeated and later shankhasur runs back to the shankh, which is found to be protected by the five elements of the life. Then Krishna, being Narayan takes the power of the shankh within himself and defeats the monster. Then they runtoyamlok where they find lord yama standing before them, unaware of who they were. Then Krishna showed him his worldly powers and then lord yama understood him. He then brings back punardatt to life who is later taken to his parents in the ashram. The parents are ecstatic and bless the boys. The study is completed, guru gives them permission to leave.

Before leaving, guru summons lord parshuram to the ashram. Lord parshuram is actually brought by Krishna, who asks for his weapon sudarshana chakra from him. He says that this chakra has a lot of purpose to fulfill in this avatar.