RadhaKrishn Written Update 17th December 2019: Is krishna planning to return to barsana?

Krishna receives the sudarshan chakra from lord Parshurama and make the world know of it by the blow of his shankh. He then reaches the mahal where his nana maharaja Ugrasen is already in discussion with his courtiers. Krishna informs that magadh king Jarasandh is coming to Vidarbh in order to plan destruction in mathura to avenge the killing of Kansa. They later plan to vacate the outskirts villages of mathura. On the other side princess Rukmini is introduced by her friends. She is seen drawing an incomplete portrait of someone. Her friends say it is the potrait of the one she will fall in love with.

Later Krishna and Balram are discussing something in isolation where they plan to also visit barsana, where Radha lives but since Krishna has pledged to never return to barsana as per his dharma, they have to plan out something else to go there. Radha feels something beautiful in the atmosphere, thinking something good is going to happen. She is preparing kheer and even finding it very amazing to eat. Then her aunt comes and tells her that she will lose her head if barsana position the next day, and she will make her own son the new head of Barsana. Radha is unaffected by it. Vidharbha prince Rukmi is standing at the outskirts of the palace to welcome Jarasandh. He calls for Rukmini and tells her to welcome Jarasandh. Then Jarasandh is seen coming. Rukmini welcomes her, Jarasandh fights a local fighter planted by Rukmi, he gets angry, but the reason for his anger is something else, when asked, he says, it’s krishna.

On hearing this name, Rukmini’s heart is filled with joy. She immediately falls in love with this name and ask Jarasandh who this krishna is, which Infuriates Jarasandh even more. Balaram and Krishna by their sly act got the Ugrasen to allow them to go to barsana. He allows them. Krishna says he will go as per his karma and not dharma. Radha is informed by her friend Revati that Krishna is coming to Barsana. Her happiness knows no bounds in hearing this.