RadhaKrishn Written Update 25th December 2019: Radha Krishna Meet for the last time

The episode starts with Radha and Krishna getting married in the most divine way, where the marriage is conducted by the gods. Radha and Krishna were destined to be united which was the wish of the world, and who was waiting for the same for the longest time. The gods are overwhelmed by this marriage.

Lord Shiva and lord Brahma thank Radha and Krishna for this spectacular and divine visual. Radha too thanks Krishna for this time. It was the most beautiful unison her and the world. Krishna tells her that though this marriage is just an illusion created by me, but it was supposed to happen.

Radha tells Krishna that with this illusionised marriage too, she understood that there is nothing above love in this world, and marriage is just a formality and validation of togetherness for the world. Then they come out of the illusion and are sitting in Riverside. Radha is feeling really overjoyed and Krishna tells her that even though she wants to remember that illusionised marriage, it still remains a dream and illusion.

Krishna then asks her about her decision again to leave barsana and go to a new place to which radha answers that it won’t be possible for people to leave the place easily as their lives are connected to this place for the longest time.

Krishna tells that that whatever decision she takes, he will always be there to support her whatever may be the consequences. After radha leaves, krishna says that it wasn’t an illusion and they really got married in a parallel universe but for you it will always remain an illusion. Here Jarasandh is angry on rukmini as he catches her going to barsana to inform krishna about the attack from him. He feels betrayed.

Rukmi apologises to jarasandh and tells him that it was only her personal decision and the king or kingdom has nothing to do with that. She then says that krishna wouldn’t have killed kansa for no reason and he should be informed about the probable attack on barsana. This angers Jarasandh even more. Rukmi tells her to mind her own business and tells her that her only job is to look after her husband after she gets married and walk behind him and nothing else. Rukmi then pacifies jarasandh by extending his support again in his fight.

The king also hesitantly agrees to whatever rukmi says. Rukmini leaves. Krishna is standing on the bridge when balram appears. He tells krishna that even though he wasn’t a part of the illusionised wedding he wants to be a part of their real marriage to which krishna replies that it will take time.

Balram says that there is no time left now as this is going to be their final days in barsana and final meet with radha. After that no work will compel krishna to return to barsana. Krishna tells him that the time has come for radha to take the most important decision of her life.

Rukmini is pacing in her room and is eager to anyhow reach krishna ti inform h about the future happenings. She tells her friend to help her in any manner possible. Her friend says that nothing can be done about it as her brother has kept her on house arrest and even a slightest movement will go to him. She then says that she has to go any which way and then her father, the king appears. He asks her about why didn’t she inform him earlier about leaving. He tells her not to leave as her brother is very cruel and Jarasandh is thousand times more cruel than him. She further says that something has to be done about it otherwise it will be catastrophic for people of barsana, to which he replies that they cannot go against jarasandh.

Rukmini says that she was born independent and nothing can stop her. King tells her that if she does anything against Jarasandh then He will kill him. Krishna meets Radha before her first meet with the public. He gets her ready for it by doing her shringar. He then mumbles within him that this is going to be their final meet and that everything is going to change from here.