RadhaKrishn Written Update 2nd January 2020: Jarasandh imprisoned Rukmini and her father

The episode starts with Revati meeting Radha and talking about what all balram had said. She remembers Krishna saying something similar to her.

Radha smiles. Revati then shows her the letter that Krishna had written for her. She teases Radha in giving her the letter. She eventually gives it. In the letter Krishna praised radha for her intelligent plan of killing Jarasandh but it will happen after sometime. Here Swayamvar has been organised for Rukmini.

Rukmi welcomes all the kings who had come for the event. Rukmini hesitantly enters the place. Then Jarasandh appears. Rukmi is shocked to see this. He asks him the reason for being there.

He tells him that he has been betrayed by Bhishmak and Rukmini. They had sent a spy to barsana to inform Radha about his attack. He said that then Krishna was able to run away but he will eventually be killed by him.

Rukmini gets furious and shouts at jarasandh that he can use all his might but still won’t be able to even touch Krishna. She also announced that she is never going to participate in the swayamvar and will forever wait for Krishna. Jarasandh gets Bhishmak and her imprisoned.

Balram is running behind Krishna to beat him up. They run towards the woods. Balram asks krishna about all the recent events that have been taking place. He tells him about his confusion. Krishna informs him that a new set of events are awaiting them which will change their lives forever and which is also required for the establishment of dharma.

On being asked who will be the new character in the upcoming journey then krishna informs that it is going to be Shishupal, the prince of Chedi Kingdom. Balram tells him that he is extremely foolish. Krishna then tells him about the time when shishupal was born. He tells that it was destined that he will be killed by Krishna.

His mother started worshipping lord Narayana for many years. When he appeared she asked for a boon that even though krishna will be the one killing her son, he should forgive him for not 1 but 100 sins that he does against Krishna. Lord agrees.

Bhishmak talks to Rukmini. On being asked about shishupal, he informs her that he is the most foolish, arrogant and cruel prince in the entire country. It will be similar to committing suicide by marrying him.

Rukmini pacifies him by saying that they have to believe in krishna and wait for him. She believes that he will definitely come. Even Jarasndh talks the same things about shishupal to rukmi. He tells him that rukmini will have to bear the brunt of insulting him for all her life. She, marrying the most foolish and arrogant shishupal will be her punishment.

Next, in the Chedi kingdom, the king listens to the problems of the public which were due to the price Shishupal. The king agrees to help them and remove the extra taxes from them.

Shishupal enters. He goes to the throne of the king and starts insulting the king, his father. He tells him that he is the one who deserves to be the king and not him. He later hurts himself showing that nobody except krishna could kill him and that too when he has committed 100 sins. He tells them that he is never going to commit 100 sins and that he is inevitable. He throws his father off the throne and sits himself there. He then orders the soldiers to burn the people with their farms who had come with their problems.

Here king ugrasen praises balram for his efforts, krishna teases him that he left the place. Balram replies that it was due to the promise given by revati that he had to leave. Krishna tells him that he made the right decision.