RadhaKrishn Written Update 8th January 2020: Krishna is hailed as Ranchhod

The episode starts with Jarasandh announcing that on the full moon night Shishupal will marry Rukmini. Shishupal says that he will not wait till Purnima.

Jarasandh says that marriage can happen on Amavasya too. He also says that he will have to plan another war at Krishna. Here maharaja Ugrasen is telling Krishna that even though he defeated kalyavan but still he will be Known forever as Ranchhod and that he ruined the good name of Mathura.

Krishna asks him what is more important for him, the good name of the kingdom of the lives of the people. He says that it’s was a good decision that he ran away as he was able to avoid a disaster. He says that they would never have won the war as the three kings on the opposite side were very strong.

He said that kalyavan was unbearable and that killing of his at the hands of the rishi is their victory. He explains that any king who only thinks about himself and not for people’s lives is a selfish and arrogant king and the one who cares about his people first and takes any decision to save them is actually brave and victorious. He says he has no qualms on people calling him Ranchhod.

King says that Krishna did the right thing. He apologise to Krishna. He announced that the Ranchhod name be hailed in the kingdom. Ayan says that Radha has become weak physically due to her penance and also mentally as Krishna left the war and ran away. He said that Radha cannot be the head of the village. He said that he being her husband will have to take all her responsibilities and will become the head of the village.

Radha appears with her friends hailing Krishna. She explains that this hailing order has been given by king himself. She tells them about killing of Kalyavan. She further says that Krishna did the right thing which any ruler who thinks about his people. Radha tells Ayan that even though she is weak physically, she will fulfill all her responsibilities.

Radha wins her throne back and is also supported by the people. Everyone in the kingdom is hailing Krishna. Balram too praises him. Balram then tells him that he still did not defeat Jarasandh and shishupal.

Krishna explains that he did not mention the war and time when they will be defeated. Balram says that it is impossible to win over Krishna’s talks. Then they talk about the divine place that Krishna had talked about. Balram says that he couldnt find it in the whole universe. Krishna says that anyplace that he talks about has to be there.

Balram bets that he will find the place once Krishna gives him his divine vision and if he isn’t able to find it then he will do ten sit-ups. They agree on the bet. Radha and the people of barsana have gathered to worship the river goddess Yamuna. Krishna’s father vasudev is the chief guest.

Radha welcomes him. He says that he is feeling really nice being there. People then start worshipping goddess Yamuna. After the worship they leave for dinner. Vasudev talks to Radha. He asks her reason behind crying. She tells him about ayan’s mother’s wish.

Vasudev tells her a story about Krishna’s birth night. He told her that just by a single touch of Krishna Yamuna have him a way to go even after huge waves wavouring around. Radha asks him about the divine place balram is searching for. Radha reminisces about her talk to Krishna.

Precap: Krishna talks about the divine place he talked about. Radha writes a letter to Krishna. Jarasandh orders his soldiers to always keep an eye on Radha that none of her letters should reach Krishna.